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Walking Around w/ Navigon 5100

Navi5100 0 Points
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Anyone try walking around with a Navigon 5100?

I have an issue that it doesn't update movement when I'm walking say less than 3mph. If I run then it'll show my movement on the screen.

This makes it useless for routing/navigating while walking. When it does detect my movement, it will then recalculate the route.

Yes, I have put it in Pedestrian mode, which I dont think matters anyway as far as this issue is concerned. I believe all that does is allow you to walk in opposite direction of 1-way streets, etc.

I have an older Garmin Rino 120 that works perfectly while walking. It'll detect my movent to tenths of a mile/hour. However, with 5100, unless I can get the speed up to 3mph, I can walk a block and it won't update.

Firmware 1.2
Summer 2008 Freshmap update

Anyone else have this issue? Suggestions?
Thanks in advance!


  • Tim 1497 Points
    To my knowledge there are not any settings you can change to impact that behavior, although some of the more seasoned Navigon users might know of something. Generally the auto devices are "tuned" to ignore detected movement under a certain speed. The reason is that with the given accuracy of GPS, if you were constantly plotting the calculated position it would show some really strange things while you are stopped at a light. For example it might show you going backwards a few feet, turning, etc. So that is the impact of what you are noticing, but it is strange that it doesn't start to figure things out after a more extended distance shift.
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