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Is it possible that HP is abandoning the 300 series? [HP]

I am worried about it, frankly. For months and months, we've been waiting for HP to deliver on a firmware update, but so far, there's been no sign of it. I can't help remembering the Jornada 720/728 Handheld PCs debacle, that HP simply dropped just within a year of the 728 hitting the market place.

It's no secret that HP rushed to marked with the 300 series and eventually, with the March/April 2008 firmware update, which was understood to be an interim update only with a major update coming soon thereafter (and still waiting), many if not most of the issues of a flawed introduction to the market were finally addressed. Unfortunately, the damage was already done - by then, the 300 series had already built itself a reputation that scared away many potential buyers. Many professional reviews turned up some pretty critical assessment of the 300 series ...

I honestly believe that many of the stability issues noted by some users were self-inflicted on account of hacking attempts. The 300 series was never meant to be a Pocket PC with a navigation applet tacked on; but rather a stand-alone PND. While it remained hackable, hacking it led to many bricked devices and chronic stability issues ... all of which contributing to building up a repuration for the 300 series that was not at all warranted.

I am very pleased with my 310 and I hope that I'm wrong, that HP will continue to support the platform.


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  • Tim 1482 Points
    Given that they haven't announced anything new in one year, the current state of the US economy, and the tightening competition in the GPS space-- plus more competition from factory installed systems and mobile phone based navigation systems.... they sure have an uphill battle if they do continue.
  • Agreed, although I think that the U.S. economy is not in as bad a shape as some of our politicians would like us to believe. Everyone is on the take for a bail out these days. Once the feds start dishing it out, you end up with a long long long list of potential beggers waiting for a bailout instead of looking at what they can do to change course and position themselves to compete better.

    I don't want to go on and on about our recent economic woes, this is not the forum for it. But suffice to say that a lot of it was self-inflicted, with a motive in mind I may add - greed! Some have gotten rich over this, more will get rich over this ... money talks! The storm will pass, the cash drain brought about by wars will eventually subside; and the economic stimulus to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure (roads, sewer systems, etc.) will indeed suffice to revitalize the sleeping giant.

  • Tim 1482 Points
    With respect to the economy... I don't think it matters what exactly the current state of it actually is-- what matters is what businesses think the current state of the economy is and how that will impact their decision making.
  • johnb 0 Points
    The iPAQ 314 and 316 are showing as being discontinued on many of the European country-customised versions of the HP web site so it is probably on the way out. It has been possible to buy a 314 in the UK, where it is now discontinued, for less than £100 since June; is still more than the equivalent of £175 in France where it is still listed.

    There doesn't appear to be a replacement model e.g iPAQ 324.

    Nav'N'Go do seem to be having problems getting updates to iGO8 out of the door so it is possible they are the reason for the delay? However HP Support do not know when there will be an update.

    It does seem HP did opt for iGO8 rather too early (and either got a very good price or wrote a bad contract). Perhaps if HP do give up it will be a case of switching to other software or perhaps Nav'N'Go might do a special deal for iPAQ 31x owners?

    The hardware itself seems to be very good (except for the speaker volume and the on/off button) and I don't have any particular performance issues.
  • Well, I knew there was a risk of that happening, as HP has of history of doing just that. But in this particular case, the hardware specs were so good that I decided to bite the bullet any way. At any rate, as Tim pointed out, given the current economic conditions world-wide, I can't visualize HP pouring in a lot of development dollars to improve this iPAQ.
  • I dont have access to my contact anymore, but a few months back, I got the understanding that HP would do just a bit more tweaking on the 300s and that they were planning for version 2 hardware.

    The on/off button could not be fixed, but the last remaining bugs, like for POI search hangups were to be fixed.

    NNG have been releasing a lot of versions lately, so I dont think they are the bottleneck. HP's customized version is not that different from igo8 commercial.

    I too get the feeling that HP may be rethinking the GPS market altogether.
  • I suspect that they are moving away from the PND market and simple PDA/phone market in favor of GPS phones. Look at the iPAQ 600 series now. Looks like another 300 "test the waters" approach with much to offer but too soon out of the blocks. Go to the forums on the HP site and you will see a lot of concerns with the 600 and 900 series. Seems they just do not know how to support a device once it rolls out. Yes, they are quick to fix it if you brick it, but not so quick to fix bugs when too many crop up after the product is out. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on these forums that would make excellent beta testers. Lord knows their current quality control team is missing a lot of issues.
  • johnb 0 Points
    NNG have been releasing a lot of versions lately, so I dont think they are the bottleneck. HP's customized version is not that different from igo8 commercial.
    If I understand all the comments on the Nav'N'Go updates web site it appears that the recent updates have been for iGo2006 and there appears to be a holdup with iGo8 versions for PNAs (and for maps) as they have not completed the updating software (Naviextras Toolbox) which seems to be a replacement/upgrade for Content Manager
  • Naw,

    They have tons of releases and now 2 major versions that cant share maps.
    Serioes 8.0.0 and series 8.3.1
  • johnb 0 Points
    So why are there so many complaints about the lack of updates?
  • johnb 0 Points
    It looks as though Nav'N'Go are getting close to sorting out their updating software and it should be released within two weeks

    Hopefully, if they are still interested, HP could then do something about updating iPAQ31x in the new year.

    And possibly HP are waiting for this software before announcing any new GPS?
  • Could be!
  • Any news since December on whether there will be any more updates or support?
  • Also, what is the On/Off button issue? I know I have a big issue with the On/Off button:

    *Too easy to turn on. I have to remove battery to prevent accidental turn on.

    *When 'turning off' the unit screen goes black and as soon as you turn your back it magically turns on again!

    *After unit turns back on I 'turn off' again and it turns on again!

    *Maybe my third try it will stay off. Grrrrr.

  • infama 0 Points
    Install the free application TOUCHLOCK.

    This will solve your problem.

    PM me and I will assist you.
  • johnb 0 Points
    HP has discontinued the global Web site
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