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Revert back to 8.01?

billtco 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I made the mistake of switching from app. 8.01 to 8.03 without backing up my system. I don't like losing the next street from the bottom of the screen and the garbled streets.

Is there a way to re-load 8.01 on my 720 at this point?



  • Thanks for sending the website for the 8.01 app. Trouble is I'm not sure what file to load it into on my 720. I looked through all the files on my GPS unit and I didn't see a file for 8.3 app. Could you direct me to the appropriate location to download this to?

    Thanks, and sorry for the dumb questions. I'm new to these gadgets.
  • dhn 330 Points
    You replace all the loose files in the root of your unit, NO folders or their contents, with the files in the 8.01 firmware .cab file.
  • When I removed all the "loose files" (those outside of the folders) then downloaded the files from the web site you gave me, I couldn't get the 720 to even start up. It was dead in the water. :(

    I then deleted the file I had just entered and reinstalled the old files and got it to run ok -- but naturally I've still got 8.3

    I must have done something wrong or removed too many files

    Thanks anyway
  • dhn 330 Points
    Want to try again since you have a backup?

    Use Home to move to REmove items from my unit and select the firmware. You'll get a warning but ignore it and proceed.

    Now then, in the cab file are some files NOT associated with a folder. These are the ones when you view the contents of the cab that do not show a folder on the right side such as /asr or /helpme.

    So, extract only the files with no folder association. Move these to the root of the unit. Perhaps do a pinset and see if things work now.
  • Thanks DHN for the reply.

    I was digging around Home 2.4 last nite and went to page 4 (items on your computer). When I clicked on the box it brought up a list of all the prior firmware that had been downloaded to my computer. In the list was the 8.01 firmware. I then clicked on it to download to my 720 and sure enough, I got my old program back and apparently all the pieces of 8.3 were deleted (although it's still on my computer). Do I ever feel dumb for not finding this fix before posting the problem.

    Sorry to have put you through this. :(
  • dhn 330 Points
    Thanks DHN for the reply.
    Sorry to have put you through this. :(
    It was NOT a problem at all. Glad you have the issue resolved. The way TT screws things up with each new firmware release, well, it just pays to have the confidence you can revert to a prior release, if necessary.

    And you NOW have the confidence!! :P :) :lol:
  • I read through the how-to in this thread, but can't seem to get the TT to find the 8.01 cab file...

    I have opened the .cab file, but there are ALOT more files that what was installed when 8.3 was on there.

    I guess I am just missing something that should be right in front of my face...

    Any help?
  • nvm.. got it to upgrade (really downgrade) to 8.01 using the other thread link..

    Just have to get my mp3s back somehow.

    Thanks for all the good info!
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