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  • I am curious just how Garmin and the other PND makers were able to convince Apple to keep turn-by-turn, voice navigation, and a couple of other PND features out of the iPhone. My iPhone certainly is quite capable, and does nearly as good a job routing as my 760. It just doesn't give me the turn by turn navigation, re-routing, and voice prompting I've grown to like. Oh well... Good deal for Garmin. The units in that article look nice -- but I wonder how well Garmin will do, in squeezing iPhone features into its PNDs. Like I said - I think it would have been a slam-dunk for Apple to replicate the Garmin features -- but there must have been some back alley deal, preventing them from clobbering the PND market...
  • I was wondering the same thing. At first glance it seems like the Nuviphone is about a year late to the scene, and thus quite lame.

    However Apple seems hellbent on letting competitors get ahead of them.

    2 things I've been waiting for since day one of the 3G launch are really killing me.

    1. No Turn by turn GPS
    2. No Push notifications yet. (despite the fact they were promised for the 2.1 firmware)
  • Not to mention cut and paste!! :roll:
  • Not to mention cut and paste!! :roll:
    That would be a nice feature for sure! However, to be honest thats in position #3 for me after the other features.

    In all the years I owned a Blackberry, I never once had to copy and paste on a cell phone. I don't know what all y'all are copying and pasting but I've never had to do it. The cell phone size makes doing any "real" work a pain.
  • hence the need for cut/paste! :)
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