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Fatal Error message on Mio C310sx (Canadian model) [Mio]

Miouser 0 Points
I am new to this forum and this is my first posting. Hello to everyone.
I have owned a Mio C310sx since January. I have found it very useful except for the odd occasion when I find myself on a new road and it appears as if I am driving through a field. Minor technicality. Too bad these devices couldn't create new roads and give you the opportunity to name it. (Maybe some day). Anyway, getting back to the reason why I am writing this. The other day I was using my GPS to find a Ford dealership. I had just turned onto the road where the dealership was and suddenly there was a little popping sound and the screen of the GPS went black and then the screen indicated a "Fatal error" had occurred. Within 10 seconds the main splash screen came back on and then my current location came back up and it continued mapping my route.
Has anyone ever had this happen to him or her? I hope this isn't a sign of new problems.


  • Tim 1486 Points
    I haven't seen that happen on mine, and I don't recall any reports of that from others. I'm glad to hear it reset smoothly. (Or as smooth as something like that can be.)
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