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city navigator vs. citiXplorer

gherlanezu 0 Points
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I am new with GPS devices, ready to purchase the Garmin Oregon 300 and I was wondering if City navigator North America has the same level of details and for instance support pedestrian navigation on the same level of details as the cityXplorer.

I probably would not need the entire North American maps for the near future, and if the cityXplorer is more detailed, I would get the metropolitan area I am interested for now (Portland OR in my case)

Thank you.


  • Unless you have a Gamin device that offers enhanced pedestrian navigation like the 1300/1400 series nuvis, there's no added benefit from CityExplorer maps. Of course if you don't need the entire US mapped and only interested in specific cities, they are a lot cheaper than purchasing the CNNT NA map. You don't lose any detail between one and the other afaik.
  • thank you - in ths case I will probably go with the city navigator then if there is no added detail in the CityExplorer, as in the next year, I may need at least 4-5 other metro areas, so might as well get the entire continent.

    Should I understand the Oregon series do not have pedestrian navigation as well? I thought there is a so called recreational mode that works as a pedestrian type profile (where say one way streets are not restricted, freeways are not suggested, etc)
  • Boyd 2009 Points
    I have an Oregon but have never used the CityXplorer or City Navigator maps on it. However, as I understand, only the Nuvi 1200/1300/1400 support CityXplorer special features (routing via mass transit, etc).

    I don't know about avoiding one way streets - we have a thread in the Nuvi forum where someone complains about pedestrian mode on the older Nuvi's avoiding one way streets. Personally I never understood what actually happens when you select "pedestrian" on the older Nuvis.

    I only use my Oregon with Topo maps which aren't routable. But I would be surprised if it supported the special CityXplorer functions of routing via public transit or bus schedules.

    If you try the CityXplorer maps please report back to us since there's a lot of confusion on this topic.
  • I ended up getting the city navigator ... so I will have no way to compare ... not yet anyway :)
    I must say, now that I have it for 3 days .. I like this toy :)
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