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6000T vs 3000 - traffic kit

mfeinberg 0 Points
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I thought I was close to deciding on the 6000T and just found out that Magellan is offering a free traffickit with the 3000 (

Does anyone know if the 'integrated' traffic receiver in the 6000T is more streamlined than the regular traffickit. The traffickit seems to be so cumbersome - it looks like several wires and a long antenna. If the 6000T is just the long antenna, and they other two-pronged wire is internal, that would make it more sreamlined and might actually get me to pay more.



  • My 6000T has a long wire that plugs into the cradle. Not sure if it works since where I am at there is no traffic channels. I will be trying it soon. I just need to figure the best way to route it like bury it between the windshield and the back of the dash. Hopefully that will work.

  • Thanks Bill! So other than the long antenna wire, there are no other cables. That's great, so it's not too messy
  • The wire is stiff but is like the old FM Antennas you would run on your stereo but does not split to a "T". Just a straight wire. Comes with two suction cups to I guess place on widshield but I think buring it might look better...

    Bill...... :lol:
  • Can anyone tell me what the 3000T traffic kit looks like? Trying to decide if it is worth $180 for the integrated traffic kit, bluetooth and SayWhere of the 6000T.
  • Tim 1497 Points
  • Thanks Tim - I've been looking at that image on the Magellan website and trying to figure out how it works. Does the power supply plug into the the single end of the 'doggle' and then the twin ends plug into the powerport of the 3000T and the USB connector? Does it go into the unit itself, or into the base - which would make taking the unit out of the car whenever I park it much easier (so it doesn't get stolen)
  • That is exactly what my wire looks like for the 6000 with the two suction cups. This one looks a little complicated but probably real simple once its installed the first time. I wonder if you can buy a second antenna for it since I was figuring on buring mine which you may want to do and swapping it to another vehicle could be a pain for either way you go.

  • Bill,

    So you have just the white wire (with the suction cups) without the black piece, correct?

    This entire contraption for the 3000T costs $125-150, so buying an extra on is an expensive option. Not sure what an extra antenna alone would cost.

    But that's a good point you raise about switching it between cars (ie a rental or another car in the family) - one of the reasons the Garmin Nuvi 660 is so appealing with the traffic antenna built into the DC adaptor. But I'm not willing to pay $800+ for that convenience at this point.
  • Yes, just a single wire that plugs into the cradle mount. I also thought about the Nuvi 660 but the waypoints you could have was a big factor for me. Only one on the 660 and I am not sure but a lot more on the 6000T. Plus it was cheaper!

  • Tim 1497 Points
    but the waypoints you could have was a big factor for me. Only one on the 660 and I am not sure but a lot more on the 6000T.
    20, FYI.
  • I get great traffic reception here in the DC Metro area - but i think the antenna looks sloppy!


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