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Traffic Antena

TUWave 0 Points
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I need to purchase a new antena for a 7100. Navagon web site is useless, as well as phone calling. The phone message said Navagon acessories are no longer available in the US. Where can I get one?


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    edited September 2009
  • Apparently he does not need a 12v charger, but a traffic antenna. 7100 does not support a traffic antenna built in charger, so buying it would be useless. Buying a $1 headphones and cutting the phones off should do the trick since traffic antenna is nothing more then a thin wire connected to a 3.5mm plug.
  • Thanks for the advise. I'll grab a pair of cheap headphones and be back in traffic in no time!
  • I appreciate the advise about using headphone wires, but it doesn't seem to work. The 3mm tip on the traffic wire has 3 slots in it, whereas the headphones only have 2. I tried Best Buy and Radio Shack, but they said I'd have to replace it with the same kind of input tip. Navagon wants nothing to do with it and told me to find a dealer somewhere.
  • most of the headphones have 3 tier tip, some ever 4. Not sure where you could even find the 2 tier plug, probably some mono headphones.
  • nrvcad 0 Points
    :?: A while back I got a used Navagon 7100 that came with a charger/TMD antenna. It is similar to a A02000020 A02000023. I only saw the traffic icon come on once. Do I understand that either of these chargers (I don't know which one I have) works with my 7100? Thanks
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