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How do I find the serial number of my 2100?

jake14mw 0 Points
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Subject says it all. I need to fill out store extended warantee information, and I need the serial number from my 2100. Thanks.


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    On my 7200 the serial number is behind a round, removable cover/panel on the rear of the gps where the windshield mount attaches. Not sure if it is there for the 2100 though. The 7200 has a small slot where a screwdriver can be inserted to pop off the plastic panel. In the pictures I am seeing of the 2100 I am not seeing any small slot though.
  • davelac 91 Points
    Why would you need an extended warranty if Navigon has pulled its services out of the US?
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Most in-store extended warranties come via the store and not the manufacturer. So in this case as long as the store is still around in a couple of years it might be a very smart idea with Navigon devices.
  • davelac 91 Points
    Guess it depends on the details of the warranty, the provider and the price. My thinking is that if a part is needed that is OEM, you might never get it. Extended warranty prices are usually high for technology stuff considering prices drop so rapidly in a short period of time. Hopefully it will work out for this buyer.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Correct. If something does break then it is unlikely the store will have any identical models to swap it out with and certainly no parts. However they would typically still be obligated to replace it with something of similar function and value... So it does provide an advantage over having no warranty service available from Navigon.
  • Thanks, the 2100 does have a panel on the back, but nothing obvious on it that makes it look like it's removable. I'll see if I can remove it. Also, I don't usually buy extended warantees, but this one only cost me $15 for three years. If anything happens to it, I get either a comparable model, or my money back. Since there is no Navigon support, I thought it was a good idea in this case.
  • Hi all,

    I thought I would try bumping this question because I tried seeing how to open the back cover, but I can't do it. I tried turning it, and wedging a fork in there. Maybe when I get a proper tool to try to wedge it open, I might be able to do it. There is no notch to aid in this. I wonder if it's possible that the whole back plastic piece comes off rather than the round disk?
  • I could be wrong but from the main menu after boot up you have an options button at the botom of screen. This produces another screen with a button labeled Service Activation. When this is selected you will see what they call a Product ID#. It is three groups of Alpha/Numerics of four characters each. This I believe is the Serial Number. If it helps the last three characters of my third group is CXW. If yours is different then this I would think chances are this is the serial number of our units. Hope this is it! :)
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