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Here Goes!

digger 0 Points
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Well, the 2200T is unboxed and charging for the first time. I'm waiting to make my initial settings and then we'll see what happens. Hope I made the right choice since I pretty much bought this sight unseen and went only by a few reviews. :wink:


  • Tim 1484 Points
    Let us know what you think when you get a chance. Hope it works well for you.
  • digger 0 Points
    Well after using the unit a few weeks I would currently rate it a 3 out of 10. Why so harsh? I feel that for what Magellan is charging and all the hype about the 2200T, it just performs "so-so".

    I have used a competitors much cheaper unit and it performed as good if not better than the 2200T. It featured a much cleaner, easy to see display which was totally interactive and "alive". Click on an icon and get detailed info and asked to route-to that position...sweet. The 2200T just sits there. Touch an icon and it still just sits there. My son just lauphs at it and shakes his head. He jabs me about how it is SO BASIC (featurewise) for what I spent for it and that his Verizon cell-phone GPS is so much better!

    The magellan with its "museum quality" generic interface, almost worthless POI inventory, non user friendly menus and unresponsive touch-screen should be selling in stores for under $100! The 2 positives I see are the accuracy and the excellent text-to-speech feature. Speaking of accuracy, It did tell me to turn right into Wal-Mart when the store was actually on my left!

    If this is their newest and most up-to-date, then their in big trouble! IMHO, Magellan needs to make some serious changes and upgrades or they will be left in the dust by the other manufacturers.
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