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Nuvi 660 vs Tom Tom 910

tatpvs 0 Points
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I am a sales rep. covering most of west central Ohio (which includes Columbus and Dayton) and am looking for a GPS unit that can help me during my days on the road. I am looking for a recommendation on which product to buy. I have been leaning towards the Nuvi 660, but have read just about every page on this site and I am now considering the TT 910. One main thing that captures me on the TT 910 is the route planner, but does the NUvi unit offer other significant advantages over the 910 other besides size? Here are a couple more questions:

1. If you were going to buy, which would you choose? (Cost not being a factor)
2. Does the ruote planner on the TT allow you to input multiple locations and then plan the route for your for easiest/fastest route? Does the route planner work efficiently?
3. Which is easier to use and offers the best updates?
4. Is one screen easier to read and use than the other?

I don't mean to write a book; but I am looking to make a signifaicant investment and I want to buy the best GPS unit. If there are other units that I should consider, please advise.


  • Tim 1502 Points
    1) With the Nuvi 660 you might be paying money for features you might not take advantage of such as the FM transmitter and the integrated traffic receiver. If you might use those features, then the Nuvi might be the way to go.

    2) Yes, it allows you to enter multiple destinations and build an "Itinerary". However the device itself will not build the optimum order to visit those destinations. You pick the order and it builds the entire route (itinerary) yourself. However this is a little easier than the Nuvi method where you can route from point A to point B via point C, but the other locations you need to visit would need a new route. Not a huge problem at all, but the 910 is slightly easier in this regard. Some of the Magellan devices do offer route optimization where it will figure out the optimum route to visit each location.

    3) That really comes down to personal preference. Many will tell you the Garmin is easier to operate while others will tell you the TomTom is easier to operate. Most often it comes down to which device someone learned first and that becomes their preference. Both have offered regular firmware updates to add new features and address bugs.

    4) The Nuvi 660 screen is a little bit easier to read. It is very bright. The 910 screen isn't bad by any means... but the 660 screen is about the best out there for GPS systems right now.
  • HI Tim,
    Thank you for the quick reply. However, I am confuses what you mean by the Garmin's route planning. Does Garmin offer a route planning feature? Also, do you believe that this feature is something that a person would use on a regular basis? Or do you think that the rest of the Nuvi's features outweigh this feature over the Tom Tom?

    Thanks Tim!!
  • Tim 1502 Points
    With the Garmin you can specify your final destination and one "via" point. So in your case while planning ahead you could specify one of your stops, and insert one of your other stops as the one "via" point.

    With the TomTom you could enter all of your locations ahead of time, specifying the order you want to visit each of them and thus building your entire itinerary for the day.

    I suspect most people who own a TomTom wouldn't use the itinerary feature.... because most people (unlike yourself) are only navigating to one destination at a time.
  • Tim: I live in the Pacific Northwest and wanted to test the device as to the best route to a point in Arizona and to compare that with one I took recently.

    When I didn't agree with it (wanted the scenic, not fastest), I plugged in the destination and way-points taken from my records. It showed almost the exact mileage that I had driven in real life. After clicking on DONE and then testing the results, I was confronted with an odd route through Salt Lake City resulting in an extra 600 miles to the Arizona destination.

    When I tried the same on TomTom Home (looking for help in the printed 80 page manual which dedicates exactly half a page to that important component), it wouldn't accept the corrected map.

    I had previously consulted with their on-line gurus on deleting unwanted destinations and was told: Select "Navigate to" - "Recent Destinations" and tap the Delete Option on the device/and or TT Home.

    I did and the route was deleted - but only momentarily for when I changed to the device (after legally disconnecting it from the PC dock), nothing had been deleted.

    Repeated e-mails to TT had no results although I had a confirmation - a week ago - that they had received it.

    The parent firm in Holland wants to hear about such failures and I am ready to write snail mail but thought that you might have an idea as to what I am doing wrong.

    The delete function in the TT Home splash page is live, i..e., not grayed out but none of the items I have loaded appears in the center column. Only maps and European traffic signs are shown with their little blank boxes in the right hand column.

  • Tim 1502 Points
    I haven't experienced that myself. I rarely use TomTom Home but I'll give it a try. You might want to contact their support line via phone to directly talk with someone and explain what is happening.
  • Tim, I wonder if anybody here owns a 910 and if they do, how they have contacted these people for help. The phone is of no use, lines are busy no matter what time I call and e-mail answers have no bearing to the questions.

    The home page loops circles before one can get a dialog box. Their latest reply made me download a 20 MB upgrade of Adobe Reader although I have the latest. All I got was the 80 page manual which I had already printed out.

    They want me to check if I have the latest software but I don't even know what the original version is. It's supposed to be on the box the CDs came in but I received only one CD in a sleeve.

    They emphasize that one cannot use the return address given on their e-mails but one of the forms called "How can I submit feedback..." demands just such an address.

    The product may be OK but customer service is worse than Dell's.

    I tried the TT chat room you published in one of your posts but didn't see any registration box.
  • Tim 1502 Points
    I've never had any trouble calling TomTom support. I use the same line as everyone else and don't have any "priority" status. I don't identify myself as it pertains to this site. I've never had to wait on hold for more than 10 minutes, most of the time about five minutes.

    I've never tried to email them.

    I'm not sure what "chat room" you are referring to. I'm not aware of any such service from TomTom.
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