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RoadMate 1470 Not Saving Addresses.. (Update) Software Fix!

jima 0 Points
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Hello, I just recieved my new replacement 1470. With the Updated On/Off Switch and 2.20 Software... The problem I am now having is the Unit does not Save any Previous Destinations and will not Save typed in addresses in the Address Book or Home Address...
I can not believe that Magellan does not Test these New Replacement Units..
Anyone having or had the same problem?
Thanks for any Info, JimA


  • blico 0 Points
    I am also amazed at Magellans lack of customer care when the y send out replacement units. Same problem happened to me with a "returned unit". Unfortunately you risk the circling bricker if you update to solve the problem.
    If you update to 2.05r3 or 2.20r2 you will solve todays problem for you. You will have to provide a s# for a 1475 to get to the 2.20r2. Then possibly you will then have a unit that is not as accurate as it was before.
  • jima 0 Points
    Well, I just got off the phone with Magellen RoadMate Support.... They are saying to reload the 2.20 in my RoadMate 1470 and that will fix the Address not Saved Issue...
    I did tell them I was slighty upset, that they sent me a New Replacement 1470 with the 2.20 software installed.. Now they want me to reload the same 2.20 software... These Magellan Units need to be check out before sending them to any Consumer....
    I just do not get it with Magellan.... The Magellan Tech was located in the Philipines, I talked to... When I was researching GPS Units, I read a Bad Review on this Magellan RoadMate 1470. The review stated Lousy Support and many problems with the Unit. Warned to Stay Away from this Unit... But the other Reviews were mostly Positive. Maybe I should have heeded the Warning..... Magellan has had about 5 or 6 Software Updates since the Spring of 2009... That is Really Bad or Really Sad !! :cry:
    I am going to attempt a successful 2.20 Down Load, or The Frozen Logo & Circle... I will get back will any results......... Live and Learn !!
    Later, JimA
  • jima 0 Points
    Hello !!! Ok, I have some good News.... I did the Magellan RoadMate 1470 2.20--2 software download as suggested by Magellan to Fix the Addresses not being Saved any where in the GPS Unit. The new download fixed the address saving issue.... But every consumer may not have the capibility to do a Software Download Fix.. Just plain "Nuts"....... I did enter about 20 addresses in the GPS Unit.... So lets hope this is the end to my Magellan Problems...
    Magellan has the "Worst" Quaility Control for Electronic Products Ever Sold.. I still do not understand how they sent me a Brand New Replacement for my 2 day old first Gps unit I sent back.. Then Magellan sends me a Brand New GPS Unit that does not save any Addresses to any Files... I believed the RoadMate 1470 list price is $249.00... I can buy a small notebook computer on sale at Best Buy for $299.00 and it would work right out of the Box..
    Way to many GPS Units on the Market to be having this many problems and then 6 or 7 software undates since April of 2009....
    If I was to purchase another Gps Unit, it will be from a Local Discount Store. Then if any problems right out of the Box, I can return it to the store, for a New Replacement...

    Thanks for your Help, JimA
  • I basically agree with you. I keep going back to Magellan because I like the interface and how it works much better then Tom Tom or Garmin. That being said, they are on at least their 4th firmware update. One of them bricked my unit. I did have a new unit in a week. My old Magellan had 1 firmware update during its life. However, that unit cost $700. This cost $200. Perhaps they are more concerned with getting the units in customers hands then getting it right the first time. My 1470 is a much better unit then the original one that I bought. Thanks to the firmware updates. There is still work to be done though.
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