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Maestro 4700 vs Roadmate 1700

jeffp 0 Points
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After using my 4700 for a few days and finding concerns such as lagging and one restart request, I contacted Magellan with my information and the possibility of trading for another unit or model like the 1700. After several emails, Magellan offered to let me trade for the 1700 and sent me via Fedex a new 1700 in time for a trip to the Keys from my home in Wisconsin. With both units in hand we set off south for warmer climates. I will write a full comparison when we return, but here are a few early thoughts.
Both were updated to the latest 2.20 firmware and mounted in my Town & Country. The 1700 screen is very big and quite clear and bright. The 4700 screen is close in brightness with more saturation of colors. It shows green areas as deep green at times which is not done by the 1700. Both were easily heard while driving with the 1700 being very loud until turned down to above half volume. They made announcements at about the same time with the 1700 sometimes providing more information.
When we first left, the 4700 had us go a different and out of the way route which we ignored and it corrected instantly. The 1700 was right off the bat. By the way, the 1700 starts very quickly and acquires satellites very fast and did so even in my house which the 4700 could not do. Once locked in, both units received plenty of satellites to provide accurate positioning. Both lagged behind streets part of the time.
The 4700 showed traffic problems ( I have the cord) in Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami. Only in Orlando did it mark the roads to show construction delays. I have yet to see 3D buildings which I thought I would see in Atlanta or Orlando.
BTW, I like the charge light on the front of the 1700 showing whether or not it is fully charged.
That's a few thoughts. I will have more as I travel and return.


  • Doug 0 Points
    Thanks JeffP,

    It's interesting that both units running the same software update perform so diffferently as to the satellite fix at start-up and route difference. It makes one wonder if there is indeed a GPS chip or processor difference between the two? If so. that may not be good news for 4700 owners expecting a software fix to alleviate our bugs, sure hope that's not the case.

    Look forward to hearing more about your real-world, real-time comparison.
  • jeffp 0 Points
    A couple quick notes. The pointer on the 1700 is smaller than the one on the 4700. Some of the time when I checked, the 1700 had locked to more satellites, but normally they were the same number. Because of the size of the screen, the 1700 shows more information and shows its higher resolution. The 4700 is no slouch having better saturation, and enough info to know where you are and are going. If you like the 1700 be prepared for its size, it is big.
    More to follow..............
  • jeffp 0 Points
    After ten days and nearly 4000 miles with both the Maestro 4700 and Roadmate 1700, I think I have a better idea how well they work. Both work well and very much the same. The Maestro was mounted on its glass mount to the left of the steering wheel which is great for vision and out of the way. The 1700 would not fit there very well and shook on its glass mount. It worked best on my bean bag mount right of center on the dash. Both displays are bright with the 4700 slightly brighter and more saturated. The 1700 has the size and higher resolution. Both are tough to see in direct sunlight.
    Both provided good and identical routes after the 4700 started out a little strange. The ETA indications did not always match with the 4700 being later, at times by a number of minutes, slowing adjusting until it matched the 1700. Announcements were about the same time in both, with the bell being a tad earlier on the 1700. Lagging was close with the 4700 a bit better. I matched the images on each screen by expanding by two clicks with the 1700 and four with the 4700. Info on each screen was mostly the same with the 1700 sometimes displaying more.
    The number of satellites used varied from seven to fourteen and was almost always the same with both with the 1700 receiving more on a couple of situations. Volume is great with both units. The 1700 can be set louder.
    The silver back of the 1700 sometimes reflected off my windshield but never was a big distraction, the 4700 black back was wonderful. Touch was fine on both and as long as the unit was mounted well, responded as you would like. The screens were pretty clean after all these days of use.
    I finally saw the 3D images driving through Atlanta. It was only a few buildings but was great eye candy. It was not enough to be a deal breaker, but was nice that one time in nearly 4000 miles.
    Traffic display on the 4700 was visible several times but never was a big difference between units for this type of driving. If I lived in a major city I might feel differently, but in my home of Madison, I have only found use for it a couple times.
    Which one to keep.............. It has been tough to decide. If you have a mid to smaller car, the 1700 is a bad choice because it takes up too much room. It is big, beautiful and very large. The 4700 is a perfect size for just about any vehicle and with its great screen, you can read the display and see the maps well. After much thought, I am keeping the 1700. My vehicle can handle the size, it is easier for me at age 60, to read it while driving. It always shows at least the same info as the 4700 and sometimes more. The sound quality of the 1700 is great and has more volume than I could ever use.
    Bottom line is that both are very fine GPS units that work quite well. I was won over by the larger screen of the 1700, only because it is possible to use it in my Town & Country. Give either a try, the work great.
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