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Trouble finding satellites

I seem to have a strange problem with my Nuvi660. It usually finds several satellites fast and calculates routes quickly.

The only problem is starting up for the first time each day at home. It takes a long time to find enough satellites (10-15 minutes) and even gives me a message asking if I'm indoors, etc. Once it finds enoug satellites to start, it quickly finds many more, usually 10 -12.

This doesn't seem to happen on later startups during the day.

What could be causing this kind of slow response? :cry:


  • Tim 1502 Points
    Mickey, did this just recently start happening, or did it always happen? If it just recently started happening have you recently applied any firmware updates to your 660, if so which ones?
  • Tim,

    I bought the unit in mid-December and upgraded the firmware around Jan 17.

    The current problem started about 3 weeks ago or so. Any suggestions?
  • Tim 1502 Points
    No suggestions per se, however I've got a Nuvi 350 that is experiencing something very similar. I'm using the latest firmware. When I start it when it has been off for about 10 hours it takes about three or four minutes to acquire a satellite fix.

    Other GPS devices I have with the same chipset are getting a signal at the same location having been turned off for the same amount of time within a few seconds.

    Thus my suspicion since the problem started recently is that there is something that has changed in the firmware that is causing the GPS to perhaps forget where it last was or something else that is causing the initial fix to take so long.
  • Tim,
    Thanks for the reply.

    Perhaps if others have similar problems, Garmin will be able to make some kind of correction and update the firmware.

  • Tim 1502 Points
    Mickey, I haven't heard about this issue from other people, but our symptoms are too similar for there not to be some sort of significance. Have you contacted Garmin yet to see if there is a known issue? (I haven't yet, but can.)
  • Don 0 Points
    My Nuvi 360 is also slow on finding satellites when it is turned on. It has been updated twice, but not to the current release (v3.50).


    Also, you can add Samsung SGH-P850 to the list of cellphones that will bluetooth with the nuvi. Mine works good.
  • Tim 1502 Points
    I talked to Garmin today about this. Here is what they suggested.
    There have not been any reports such as this due to the new update, but we will keep this in mind and look for other incidents such as this due to the update.

    You can repair this by performing a master reset. Be aware that a master reset will erase all user data. With your Nuvi powered off, press and hold the lower left corner of the screen. Next, turn the power on. Continue to hold the screen until it asks if you really want to enter maintenance mode. Next, choose clear user data. The screen will flicker a bit and then start up like it did when it was first turned on. Follow the directions to set time and location. You will have to reacquire satellites by turning on your Nuvi with the antenna up outside in full view of the sky. This one time acquisition may take up to 30 minutes.
    I'll reset the Nuvi I have tonight, acquire a fix, turn it off for the night, and then see how long it takes tomorrow morning.
  • Do they mean UPPER left corner of screen?
  • Tim 1502 Points
    Lower left worked for me. I wouldn't think there would be a difference between models, but I was doing it on a 350.
  • madams2 0 Points
    I just got a Nuvi 350 and saw that same thing. I waited a couple of minutes and it never found the signal. I powered it off and back on than it found it right away.
  • Mickey 0 Points
    Powering up while holding the upper left corner brings up the maintenence mode menu with the 660.

    They must have changed that from the 350.
  • Tim 1502 Points
    Interesting, good to know.
  • Tim,

    What was the result of your test? My 360 has been taking longer and longer to acquire satellites, and I haven't performed an upgrade since I first got it (end Nov/Begining Dec).

  • Tim 1502 Points
    Since I performed the reset, the 350 I have that was having trouble is now working as expected.
  • Hey, I know this is an older topic but I was curious as to if you're still having any issues with this. I have a Nuvi 350 (about 2 months now) and have now had this issue twice. I just did the master reset about 30 minutes ago and will go out to the car shortly to check on it.

  • Tim 1502 Points
    It does continue to periodically happen to be. Not very often, but once every couple of months perhaps.
  • Thank you for your quick reply Tim.

    Other than this one issue with the 350 I'm very satisfied with it. It is a great unit that sometimes acts like my kids...they don't wanna play nice!!!!

    I'm going to call Garmin today and see what they have to say about this. I'll post my findings later.

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