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Lost 7100 SD CARD!

Larry75 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I dont know where it went, but I am dead in the water. Card is not in the unit. Where can I find the operating software for my Navigon 7100?


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Bummer! When will we learn that it's not IF you'll lose your data, it's WHEN? No backup of the SD card, huh? It's usually pretty hard to get the SD card out of the slot, but obviously not always.

    Is the 7100 registered with Navigon? Try asking Support for some help. You may actually get some. Have you ever used the Navigon application called Fresh?

    xxhaimbondxx may have some solutions for you.

    And there are ways to get the software, but not "legally" which precludes us from discussing it here.

  • Larry75 0 Points
    Yes, I is an idiot!. Never thought about losing the card. If I had a connection with someone who HAS the card I could "Check" the unit to make sure it still works............

    Hopefully, somewhere someone will have pitty on an idiot and PM me :oops:

    I've emailed Navigon twice and called the 800 number with no luck. The unit is registered and I have freash, however, without the basic software on the card it's a no go...

  • ovrclckd 0 Points
    Log into your account for Navigon goto "My Products" If you registered you 7100 it will be listed and there will be a download now under its picture to update your software. Download and install to new card. Log onto MyNavigon on the Internet not Fresh.
  • Larry75 0 Points
    THe key is formatting the SD Card using FAT32. I finally got the installer software to download from Navigon by slecting no rather than yes to the secure page message. Once that was complete and I formatted my SD card (4 Gig) using FAT32 the program loaded and works fine.

    THank you for all the suggestions!

    Larry :lol:
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