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TomTom LIVE 1000

Tim 1484 Points
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Until it is announced for North America, I'm probably not going to write a separate article on this device, but here is a press release, FYI.

TomTom (AEX:TOM2) today previews the GO LIVE 1000, the first in a whole new generation of navigation devices, designed to bring real-time services to millions of drivers.

The new TomTom GO LIVE 1000 is the first TomTom product completely designed for connectivity. Based around a powerful ARM 11 500 Mhz processor, the device also showcases a new Webkit-based user interface and the latest capacitive touch screen technology.

The software and service delivery platform have been optimised for rapid integration of third party applications and easy localisation to match the needs of specific markets or applications. The back end server systems have been completely redesigned, allowing effortless delivery of rich content and downloadable applications, via cable or over the air. All this also makes the TomTom GO LIVE 1000 future proof. It will be much easier than ever before to receive the latest content and relevant information instantly.

Working with partner Vodafone, TomTom has pioneered an innovative new business model, delivering real-time connectivity seamlessly across 33 European countries for the first time. With the GO LIVE 1000 there is no need for subscription or activation, as a full year of services* is now included with the device. This suite of services includes TomTom HD Traffic™, mobile speed cameras and local search in 16 countries.

New routing

TomTom is committed to providing motorists with the best routing technology possible, developing industry firsts IQ Routes™ and HD Traffic™.

For the new platform, TomTom engineers were tasked to design a new routing algorithm that continuously scans the road network for the fastest routes, using these layers of navigation information. This has resulted in a patented super fast routing algorithm that sets new standards in accuracy and speed. And user interface enhancements give drivers a better visual understanding of traffic conditions.

Complete new look and feel

The new user interface and application logic has been much improved. To existing TomTom users, the product will have the familiar TomTom feel, being easy to use and rich in features, but it does that in a much richer graphical environment. The new capacitive touch screen offers crystal clear graphics at high resolution.

“Our customers are relying increasingly on their navigation devices and it is no longer about the destination alone, but also very much about the journey itself”, said Corinne Vigreux, managing director TomTom. “The GO LIVE 1000 has been designed to make the journey a relaxed, predictable, safe and enjoyable experience. Thanks to our technologies we know the road ahead and what is happening on the journey. The GO LIVE 1000 will get our customers to their destination easier, safer and faster than ever before.”

Richer and more detailed maps, covering two million kilometres more roads and addressable locations across 45 European countries, ensure drivers never have to waste time looking for valuable information regarding their route. Also, a new Park Assist feature automatically informs drivers of car parks near their destination.

*Availability of services will vary per country


The TomTom GO LIVE 1000 will be available in the summer.


  • egale 0 Points
    Yeah!!!! I have been anxiously awaiting a successor to my 920. I hope this is a worthy unit!
  • dhn 336 Points
    TT also announced a new Rider unit as well.
  • telemike 5 Points
    Video here:

  • Customizable menus, a built in webkit browser (a la the never to be 1800 Garmin series) and a slot for a sim card seems to mean a blue tooth connection is possible more so since Live service will be $67 a year after a free year.

    The new routing algorithm sounds great. I believe thats what is missing on a lot of these traffic enabled devices - an up to date algorithm that can take all the info into account when making a decision.

    TomTom appears to have one upped Garmin here for now anyway.

    Alas as usual not for the US. Why are we always an afterthought with TT? I mean we are a significant market.
  • Apparently traffic camera feeds will be one of the first things available. They'd need at least an Edge connection for that type of thing. Certainly seeing a camera feed as you approach a road section to cross verify what the traffic data is saying is the absolute acid test for traffic data.

    "The whole idea is to be able to offer, local, personalized content to our customers", added Corinne Vigreux.

    “The aim is to have 80 percent connected devices on the road”, said Corinne Vigreux, Managing director of the TomTom PND business. At the present time the company only has 700,000 connected devices in use (paying customers and trial period alltogether) and a renewal rate of only 25 to 30 percent after the first three months of free of service.
  • GPSPassion says they said they have plans for this in the US with a different interface like the Ryder and he was at the announcement event.

    This is big. GeoRss and saved searches etc etc etc Loving it.
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