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Refurbished 265T Advice

Anyone have a refurbished 265T and if you do, does it work as well as advertised? Right now, CompUSA has a refurbished 265T for $129. My wife is still using a Street Pilot 330 that works great but does not have TTS and Bluetooth. I have a 765T and it works fine. I want to get her a GPS with TTS and BT and was thinking about getting that one. She doesn't want all of the bell and whistles of the 765T. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • mmsstar 96 Points
    We got a refurbed 660 for our middle son and it has worked fine. I also have a 660 and the Blue Tooth works well with my Blackberry. You will get a warranty and a free map upgrade with the refurb unit as well.
  • Boyd 2010 Points
    If it is refurbished by Garmin you should be alright. But that prices strikes me as a bit high for a refurb. Just doing a quick search, I saw new 265t's for the same price so you might want to shop around a little.
  • WalterGA 0 Points
    Amazon's price is $124.58 for the new model and $92.85 for the refurb!
  • I subscribed to the clearchannel traffic and it's working like a charm.

    Mine does the typical Nuvi thing where it constantly takes me off the highway. I ignore that. Some people said if they hit reset a few times it stopped doing that. I may try that.

    But it's a great price: I got mine for $112 amazon. World Wide Maps and more is a good company, too.
  • eric_b0 0 Points
    I just purchased a refurb'd 265WT from CompUSA. I have never owned a GPS before, so I have to say they are handy. However, I do have a couple of problems with the 265WT. One, the sound quits frequently. When I go to the Volume screen to check if the mute button is on, the Volume screen is locked up, and the unit locks up. The only way to fix it is to shut the unit off and re-start. Two, updating software and firmware takes forever to the point you are not sure if it will ever be completed. There is no indication of the update progress, so you just sit and sit, wondering what the heck is happening.

    I have been unable to find any info on these issues from Garmin. Their web support is very frustrating to use.

    I am about to send it back.
  • But I do have to admit that mine took forever to update the map. That's normal and they tell you that. But the regular updates are quick. You only have to update the map every year or so.

    If the sound is going, then you got a lemon.

    Mine's picking up a ton of traffic now, and doing it quicker. It also resigns itself to my route and has stopped trying to get me to exit every exit.

    This thing's such a deal!
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