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Chineese GPS questions

geek99 0 Points

I am a GPS newbie so please bear with me if this is not the correct forum or if this information exists in some place. I am looking at buying a chineese GPS PND and have the following questions. I appreciate if some one can clarify.

1) Is there a plug n play TMC receiver that I can buy and receive traffic updates for that PND?
2) Do I need a Hardware receiver to get connected services like gas prices etc with out subscription services? or Can that information be downloaded in to the PND by connecting it to internet through your home computer?
3) What about speedcam and other alerts? Is that just a POI that can be pre-loaded?
4) It comes with Igo8 i think. Is that a good nav software?
5) Can i install other software and use them if needed?
6) Any suggestions on basic specifications that I should have in the PND?



  • patruns 10 Points
    Before you even consider such a purchase, are you actually in China or is this just because it is cheaper? Many of these made in China units, especially using iGO software, are using pirated versions of the software and you will get absolutely no help from iGO or the manufacturer when problems arise.
  • geek99 0 Points
    I am in US and my reason for considering it is the very good hardware configuration it appears to come with and the ability to modify the software if I want to play with it. Are there any other recommendations for about $100 budget?

    The one I was looking has a 5'' 128mb ram, 4GB installed drive, Sirf Atlas IV with 500MHz CPU.

    Appreciate your comments.
  • philgood 0 Points
    Live traffic comes in different types of implementation and integration, I think you can only install vanilla GPS software (e.g. iGo, Garmin ot TomTom) on those Windows CE unit.
  • patruns 10 Points
    Well, if you are really still interested in it, you might want to contact iGO and ask if this is a legitimate use of their software, ie; are they a business partner. I suspect the answer is no and in that case we cannot discuss the use of any devices on this forum with pirated software.
  • hey, "geek99" have you bought the item yet? I posted something similar to what you are asking. the ebay gps systems are off brand, but they offer a lot(main the stuff you mentioned) and at a really good price.
  • gatorguy 327 Points
    What they generally won't offer is any software updates, new maps, warranty support, accessories, customer service or any way to get questions answered on proper use and features. Considering they very often pay nothing for the software since it's essentially stolen, no surprise that they're often cheap.

    IMHO, buyer beware.
  • somebody told me that the software is Igo. yeah i'm guessing it does not have lane assistance, street names, etc.... but they do have 3d view.

    I dont know what a good gps system is for under a hundred.
  • gatorguy 327 Points
    It may be iGo in some instances, other times something else. Unidentified by the seller in most cases. By the way, you may be confusing 3D Map View with 3D Building View. The nuvi 850 you asked about does offer the option of displaying a 3D map, but doesn't offer 3D building view. Having a few images of buildings in just the biggest metros has never been a feature that would sway me in a purchasing decision.
  • alanb 557 Points
    I dont know what a good gps system is for under a hundred.
    Well, it isn't under $100, but for $119.99, you can get a new Garmin nuvi 855 (Amazon) with full warranty and NuMaps Guarantee (current map download). Even tho it is a discontinued model, it is a great bargain IMO.

    Edit: The nuvi 855 is on sale at for $98, today only (10/11/10). Click on the "Value of the day" link.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    Well the OP said
    my reason for considering it is the very good hardware configuration it appears to come with and the ability to modify the software if I want to play with it.
    If this is a requirement, cross Garmin off your list. It's a closed system. People have "modded" the software by cutting and pasting sections of firmware code recently, but this isn't the same as the kind of programming you can do on a Windows CE based unit.

    If you're willing to gamble with the money, you might find some interesting import. But you might also end up with a brick and no recourse.

    I would stick to major US brands. Magellan runs on Windows CE and has been extensively modded. Navigon is Win CE based as is Mio. I think both of these have pulled out of the US though.

    Do a google search for "Miopocket". It's a free, user contributed software package that runs on Windows CE based units. I have played with it on 3 different Magellan units, a Mio, and an HP iPAQ.
  • You guys thank you so much.... I really appreciate it.

    Alanb thanks for the walmart deal

    gatorguy. Thank you so miuch for clarifying... i thought 3d view meant 3d building view. and 850 and 855 is the same right?

    Other than that the garmin 855 is really good it has no downside... it has vioce regonition, lane assistance, 500 waypoints, 10 routes, spoken street names, wow that is really great.

    Thank you everyone for your help.
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