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NAVIGON released Q1/2011 USA Maps



  • Dondy 0 Points
    I still don't understand why the 3Q map uodate had my Florida address updated, but the 1Q 2010 update shows my old address again.
    I also canot open "Navigon Fresh"
    I am going to try to download it again. My dowmload manager still has the update available.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I have never been able to run Fresh in my normal/everyday user account on a Vista PC. I had to set up a new user, save Fresh in that account and run as Administrator. PITA, but I have learned to live with it.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    But...that doesn't explain why an earlier map version had his new address and subsequent map version does not.
    Sorry, missed that critical part. I've seen regressions in the past, but they are rare.
  • IaG 0 Points
    Can the Q1/2010 zip file be shared with someone who doesn't have Freshmaps subscription? I have searched everywhere online for it and there is none available. I have 2008 maps and they are so outdated.

    BTW, I have both the 7100 and 7200T models.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Have you registered the 7200t at least and looked for map updates using the Fresh application? Many vendors in the US offered either a 2 yr or 3 yr map update subscription with the 7200t. (I could be wrong :? )

    Can maps be shared? - legally, no.
  • Wade 81 Points
    Since I see a file for each state, could you possibly take the state file from the one that had the correct information and paste that into the new map folder?

    I've not tried this (and I'd make sure to have backup before I tried it)...

    Just thought it MIGHT be possible to work it like this?
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    Navigon returning to US PND market?

    Well it sure does look that way, since several models just sailed through the FCC. It all seems to indicate that the Navigon 70/71 Plus, Premium and Premium Car models are heading back to this side of the pond. Perhaps the Portable Navigation Device (PND) market isn’t dead after all. New device generation: NAVIGON 70 models make 5 inch-navigation easier than ever before. Drivers hardly even need to touch the new NAVIGON 70 Plus and 70 Premium models to take advantage of all their features. Both models now include a motion sensor that reacts to movement. Further innovative features make navigation easier than ever before – for instance the active Lane Assistant.

    Navigon pulled out of the US just over a year ago, leaving behind more than a few devoted fans. The company drove quite a bit of innovation during their state-side foray; they were the first manufacturer to introduce reality view, lifetime traffic and map update subscriptions.
  • Love their products, the new stuff looks really exciting, and with the Euro dropping, maybe the price will be nice too...BUT for me...once bitten, twice shy. I'm staying away till I'm sure they're stable and committed to the US market.

    I think Navigon may be German for Belgian Waffle! :shock:
  • IaG 0 Points
    I know Navigon has come out with Q1/2010 maps but is there any date for when Q2/2010 maps will be available for download through Fresh or they will skip it to go to Q3/2010?

    By the way, I was able to find FreshMaps for a reasonable price on ebay :D though it is only a 2 yr map update. For those still searching, it is also available on Amazon but at a ridiculous price.
  • prootwadl 0 Points
    Navigon returning to US PND market?
    Man, I hope so. I just picked up a TomTom 130 (not 130S) for a song ($13.95 including shipping!), and it's a complete joke both featurewise and presentationwise when compared to my entry-level Navigon 2000S. Except for the ability to add a custom car icon and Cylon voice, I guess. :)
  • IaG 0 Points
    Now I have good news and bad news with my 7200T.

    Good news is that I finally got a Freshmaps activation code which I could use to download my maps. It even appears on my Fresh and says I can go ahead and download it.

    The bad news is that it says there is not sufficient space in my micro card to install it. It even said I should delete some files to free up space. What I opted to do instead was just free up the entire space on the card by copying all the files to hard drive. Terrible mistake. When I attempted to download the file again Fresh said there is a software update I need to download for my unit. Next it says it can't find/recognize my unit. When I disconnected the unit from my laptop, I now get an error message saying I should press the on/off button simultaneously with the reset button. Even after doing that my unit still refuse to respond. Now my laptop can't even find both of the unit's drives when it is connected.

    Has anyone gone through this painful experience in the past? Can anyone please provide any kind of assistance?
  • changers 0 Points
    reinstall the software back to the sd card, buy a 4gsd micro card , take usb cable hook to 7200 place 4g sd card in card slot in printer or computer,
    turn on 7200 you should see a comp screen on 7200 screen, then you will get a popup asking to read the card say yes look at the sd card in 7200 and copy all to 4gig card after fully copied close all onen windows do not format the drive that will show up it is in the 7200 leave it alone ..
    remove usb cable fron computer verify it works both the 4 & 2 gig cards.
    place 4 g card in reciever go to the sight and get setup,it will do aupdate of s/w to 735 was734 you will get q2 2009 maps it takes a long time to down load. use ur fresh software to make a backup of old and new s/w

    hope that helps
  • IaG 0 Points
    Thanks Changers but the issue is not the sd memory card but the unit itself. Now my laptop is finding the memory card as the unit is serving as a card reader and shows all the files on it, however Fresh is still not finding the unit. That could be because the unit itself has crashed and needs rebooting.
  • changers 0 Points
    if the card reads in your computer and all the files or in the correct place then the 7200 needs to be reset look on the bottom where power cord plugs in you will see the reset button, push in power button do not release push in and hold both for 10 seconds release both it should now booth up as long as your 2 gig card is not corrupt
  • IaG 0 Points
    I am the architect of my own problems :lol:. When I copied the files from my memory card I copied from the highest level (Removal Disk (G:)) so when I decided to copy it back I should have only returned the 4 files inside the overall folder but instead I copied the overall file. When my unit was looking for the necessary files to operate from it couldn't search one level deeper. Once I copied the files back to the way they were supposed to be, my unit started working again.

    What is left now is figure out how to download the map on to my 2gb micro sd card. 4gb card won't arrive for sometime.
  • changers 0 Points
    you can go anywhere and get a 4g micro sd card ,office supply, camera store even large grocery stores. now that you are working use fresh to back your card. when you get 4 g card restore that file to 4g micro sd card
    hope that helps.
    just put card in computer to back up same for restore
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    “How to Upgrade Your Navigon Using a 4GB SDHC Memory Card”

    1) Make sure that you have NAVIGON Fresh installed. If you don’t, then follow these steps below.

    Log on to:

    Click on Registration & Activation:

    2) After registering, you may download NAVIGON Fresh. Make sure that you install the correct version for your operating system.

    3) After installing NAVIGON Fresh, open the program and log into your NAVIGON Fresh account.

    4) Using any USB cable, attach it to you unit & computer.

    5) Turn on your NAVIGON and wait for the folder to open.

    6) Now do a backup and restore of your NAVIGON unit using NAVIGON Fresh.

    7) After backup has finished, you’re now ready to upgrade your system using any 4GB memory card. I’m currently using, (SanDisk Ultra SDHC 4GB).

    8) Insert your 4GB card into your card reader and after the folder opens, copy all items in your NAVIGON folder and paste them onto your 4GB card. When finished, close both folders and turn off your NAVIGON unit.

    9) Disconnect your NAVIGON unit from the USB cable and remove your 4GB card from reader.

    10) Install the 4GB card into your NAVIGON and you’re now ready to update your NAVIGON with the current, (Navigon Q1/20010 USA Maps).

    ** Several users have been successful installing the update onto their original Navigon 2GB card. Please be aware that the same guidelines are beneficial across the board. Never exceed 15% of available memory.
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    edited July 2010
    __________________________ ***ATTENTION***

    "Navigon has just updated there website for US customers!"

    ______________ NAVIGON released Q2/2010 USA Maps
  • no way. I don't believe you. They releasing updates more often than when they were in business in US.
  • jeffp 0 Points
    It's there. I am updating my 5100Max as I write this. Good job Navigon..It's great that they just updated the iphone software and we benefit with the new map.

    Update: The new map works great.
  • davelac 91 Points
    Updated my 2100max and will do my 5100 and 7200 in the next few days. Most of the maps around my area look the same. I wonder if they added any more POIs?
  • Oh2BSum1 0 Points
    :D :D :D Thanks to your directions (e.g., using "Other OS") I downloaded the ZIP file and copied the Navigon folder et al to my 2100 and it is beautiful. The new POI icons are excellent, the screen clarity and ability to read street names is much improved. BTW, I used the "Back-Up" from the original 2GB SD, then restored those files to the new 4GB SanDisk HD card, then copied the files ... without a hitch. What did I do before Forum Help? Looked like this: :cry: Thanks REE
  • 2120user 0 Points
    Hi OhBSum1,

    where can you download the ZIP file from?
  • Hi 2120User:
    (Assuming you are using a Win XP desktop; I have a 2100max, not 2120, so back your current config up FIRST to your PC for safety if you have problems):

    Go to:

    [note: you may have to click on the https link a number of times and wait for the server to respond, but it eventually will]

    You will see:
    "You are not logged in. Please enter your MyNAVIGON login data here:"
    "Once you have registered, a wide range of functionalities and services become available to you."
    "E-mail Password "

    On the left-hand side, left-click on "NAVIGON FreshMaps" and you will see a new page with
    "Your products with activated FreshMaps"

    [Here comes the Crazy-Making part: even though you are running Windows, do not click on the Windows link, use the "Other OS" ... ]
    Left-click on "Other OS" link

    You will see a page with hardware icons:
    just jump down to the hardware Icon:

    Left-click on the NAVIGON Icon (yours will be 2120 from what you said). The filename for my 2100max was: ""
    (it is from

    Save the ZIP file to a folder where you can un-zip it.
    Un-zip the file and look for the "NAVIGON" FOLDER (not a file, a FOLDER; it has all the files in it you will need).

    Plug your 2120 into your computer USB port and turn it on. Windows should ask what to do ... tell it to "Open the Folder and Display the files" on your Navigon hardware.

    On your PC: Find the "NAVIGON" FOLDER from the Zip file.
    Drag it to the 2120 to replace the "NAVIGON" FOLDER on the 2120.
    It may ask if you want to replace all the files on the Navigon with the new files in the folder. Say yes. When the transfer is finished, turn off the Navigon, unplug it from the USB cable. When you turn it on again you should be good to go. ["Should be" is the operational term here. No guarantees, so be glad you backed up the Navigon FIRST if you have problems.]

    Cheers and Good Luck
  • Great info, quick question will the download for my 7200T work on my 8100T? I don't have an active fresh maps subscription for my 8100T but do for the 7200T which I lost at an airport several months ago.
  • Hi pfielding: I don't know about the 8100, as I only have the 2100max.
    I searched "8100T maps" for this whole forum and got 10+ pages, so someone in there might know the answer. If you are up for an adventure (and have a 4GB SD card in your 8100) you could try the "Backup, Download 2100 maps and Copy to Navigon folder" described above. (I think) the worst thing that could happen is you would just have to Restore from your Backup if the new maps didn't work ... but note: this is just a guess on my part. Good Luck :D
  • bigperk 0 Points
    And you could contact Navigon to ask them if they'll transfer your subscription to the 8110.
  • Hi OhBSum1,

    thanks. i was sure that the US website is down for good. It took me 3 attempts to get there and less than 1.5h to update my GPS.
  • I tried to get the update using FreshMaps last week when it came out for my 2100max. After 20+ hours of hogging my computer and connection, it failed to find a file on the server (didn't say which one), generated an error, and stopped. I have sent several queries to Navigon, but there doesn't seem to be anyone home and I cannot raise a response (I even tried the 888 number from when they were still here, but just got some recorded suggestions and instructions to use the website), so I thought I'd try here. I've done a few updates before, so am running mn7. If I download the zip for other OS, and follow the instructions for it, will I lose all my favorites? My 2100 seems to be working now with a partial update so I don't think I'm completely lost and I did do a backup before doing the FreshMaps fiasco.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • Make sure that you use the following program, recommended on the Navigon web site, to download the zip file:

    "To ensure a smooth and complete download, consider using a download management tool, such as one of the free tools below, and follow the subsequent steps:

    For Firefox users only:

    For all users:"

    After you download and unzip it you can copy over just the new maps. Nothing else changed.
  • I have been a Navigon Owner for 18 months now. I was able to download the intial set of Maps in Feb 09 but have not been able to download any updates since then. When I bought the 2120MAX I got a 3 year 4 Q per year free download but could never get the downlaod to work.
    Recently I got lost following the directions from the old maps & was detirmeined to get the new Updates. When I tried this time, all I could find was info about the Smart Phone software. I was able to get to the Fresh Maps Download but when I tried to Run it I got Invalid Client & MobileMaps not found. Phone Stuff.
    After that, I get Please insert Memory card in 8 languages when my PND is connected to my laptop. I can move the 2 gb SD Card to a Card REader on my Laptop to copy the files direct. I'm downloading the Zip File now & will let you know how it goes.
    Thanx, I had almost given up. Navigon FAQs & e-mail to Tech Support are no help at all.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Announced AUG 26, 2010 - NAVIGON FreshMaps Q3 2010 is available now!

    One would assume this is US maps????

    I am not seeing any available update via Navigon Fresh for my 7200T as of AUG 27th..
  • So where is it announced?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I got a Tweet from Navigon. That's all I know. Unfortunately the link provided is a 404.

    NAVIGON_: NAVIGON FreshMaps Q3 2010 is available now!

    Die von Ihnen angeforderte Seite wurde leider nicht gefunden. Bitte überprüfen Sie die Schreibweise der URL.

  • At least the CEO of Navigon has wall writing skills. Not everyday you can see a rich executive doing a blue collar work.
  • I got a Tweet from Navigon. That's all I know. Unfortunately the link provided is a 404.

    NAVIGON_: NAVIGON FreshMaps Q3 2010 is available now!

    Die von Ihnen angeforderte Seite wurde leider nicht gefunden. Bitte überprüfen Sie die Schreibweise der URL.


    Icht ein screwen up mit der gerfingerpoken undt mittengragen on der keyboarden! :shock: Ya.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Yeah, but if you do you'll have to clean it up! :lol:
  • :lol: NAVIGON has released Q3/2010 USA FreshMaps :lol:
  • does not create the buzz anymore. i guess we are the only two people left.
  • davelac 91 Points
    How did you find out that the maps were updated? We used to get an email, but I haven't seen one from Navigon in a while
  • it usually lags a week or two. but if you check freshmaps everyday youll know.
  • Slow download, but installed normally on a 4GB card.
  • I tried to load the MAC version and the files and it said 2010 Q2
    Wonder when that will be updated
  • mboy 0 Points
    I got the email today.
  • srm 81 Points
    Received the e-mail today about the new maps and, of course, trying to use FRESH to update them I get the trusty warning that my SD card won't be large enough (big surprise.)

    Have backed up my 2100max and copied the SD card to an external device (you know, belt and braces) prior to updating ala Mac directly to the SD card, but wanted to hear any comments/problems with the update. Unfortunately, the cupboard is bare. I guess the North American contingent is slowly replacing their Navigons with newer GPS. Someday, maybe a Garmin???

    Reading the Navigon guide for updating to a MAC, there are instructions to retain user settings and destinations (for advanced users only, what a laugh.) Typical of Navigon they were created in 2008, and have never been updated. Reference is made to files and folders in the MN6 folder, which do not exist. I remember copying file/folders the last update, but I can't remember what I did. Can anyone refresh my memory?

    Will report once the download and "update" is done. BTW my download also says Mac version Q2 2010. Navigon should be shot.

    Not that I don't trust Navigon, but I don't trust Navigon. The maps downloaded, and being the suspicious type, I checked the modified date on the map files. They are all modified 01/18/2010. This is, in fact, as named, the Q2 2010 update. Have no idea about what is being downloaded via FRESH.

    When I try to access the download again, the site tells me that there is no registered product, yet if I go to the activate screen, all of my products are activated, and there is an activation code listed. What game is Navigon playing? I am going to e-mail support and perhaps by Xmas I'll get a response. Oh, well, Garmin you may be closer.
  • checked my old maps 2010 Q2 that were downloaded on 7/26 and their map dates are on 1/18/2010
  • Downloaded Q3 maps through fresh. They are a different date and size from the Q2 maps.
  • srm 81 Points
    Second time is the charm. Used Fresh to download new maps, and the second try worked. No abort due to insufficient space on the SD card. Would still like to have a copy of the Mac download.
  • I tried yesterday to download the mac other os of the map update and like some here the dates state Q2/2010 so I canceled. I checked twice today still same thing. Problem is it is increasing my download count every time I try I now show 10/12 and it should only be 6/12. anyone esle have any experiance with this ? my Freshmaps does not expire til 1/3/2012. Will they cut off my downloads at 12 of will I be able to continue until it expires? I have emailed Navigon but have yet to receive a reply...

    Thanks for any advice
  • Same problem here, finally downloaded it and it 2010 Q2. Sent a e-mail also
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