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New TN555 questions and problems

kjacks 0 Points
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Been reading here for a while now and finally dipped my toe in to motonav world on the cheap model. Don't know if I got a lemon or not. Acquired the satellites out of the box after about 15 minutes showed it to my wife (a gift for her) the set it to charge up. Now it won't find satellites at all. Let it go 30 mins outside. Tried to use toolbox to update software, but backup went all the way through and then failed. Was going to delete some files to make space, but wasn't sure which ones were safe as I obviously don't have a good backup. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    First try a soft reset using the push pin hole button on the bottom then try to acquire satellites or do the backup. If either fails again and since yours is new I would not hesitate to do the Master Reset, which on your model I am forced to assumes is Settings > System > Reset. Reset all Settings I believe is the soft reset. Master Reset is the biggie and takes you all the way back to factory/out of the box settings.

    Try that an let us know how it goes.

    When you get it working OK we would appreciate some input from you as not too many on here have the TN555 and we'd like to know if updates, menus, settings, etc. are the same as other models.
  • kjacks 0 Points
    Thanks for the info. I went ahead and did the updates without a good backup and now it does find the satellites. Backup still fails though. I guess I need to sort that out. There is a cryptic error message but searching provides no info about it.

    I bought this model as it was quite a bit cheaper than the others through Amazon. The 555 and 565 seem identical with the exception of traffic although mine does have traffic settings in the menu. I think the cradle on mine might be different as I can't see anything that looks like a traffic receiver. Traffic service is listed as an upgrade for the unit, but of course there's no mention of that on Motos website. Now that it's working I can find out if traffic is disabled in hardware or software.

    So far the menus seem identical to the ones you guys have been discussing. Also all of the updates were available for this unit too. There is only 2 GB for storage on these units though so that might impact future updates.

    I have enjoyed reading this forum and I think moto has you guys to thank for filling in for their lackluster support.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Glad to hear you are up and running OK.

    Let's work on getting you a viable backup. Having at least one good one is important and has saved several of us already. One unfortunate aspect we have discovered is that it does not backup your personal setting - favorites, saved routes, recent history. We're asking Moto PND Development team to look into that major failing.

    What is the cryptic message you are getting when it fails?

    Also while I am thinking about it what is your Nav software version and OS version? Settings > System > About.

    As for traffic on the Tn555. There is a Motorola Alternate Car Kit available on Amazon for $60. Includes streaming traffic cradle, windshield mount, and vehicle power adapter for MOTONAV

  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Neglected to say you could just copy all the files from the 555 to your hard drive and that would give you a backup. I did that when mine first came out of the box. Now I have not done a "restore" by copying them back to the gps but I don't know of any reason it would not work.
  • kjacks 0 Points
    That's just about the price difference between the 555 and the 565 which makes sense if the only difference is traffic. My wife's not really interested in traffic though.

    Here's the info

    Nav ver 8.5.5139160
    OS ver V5.13.00
  • ggin1 0 Points
    This apparently is no longer true. In Amazon, the 555 is now more expensive than the 565? Very strange. I wonder what is happening. I initially got my 555 at $98.

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