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How do I programme the satnav to a city centre?

Please excuse me if someone has already asked this - I did look but couldn't find anything.
My question is this: I recently bought a garmin nuvi 1250 and I can't work out how to programme it to take me to the city centre (I had no problem with my previous sat nav.)

The process is this: first I press "where to ", then I put in the name of the city, then it asks me for the number and street name - which I don't know if I'm just going to the centre and I've never been there before!!
If I ignore it and just press "done", it comes up with a list of street names and I have to choose one!
It's crazy! Nowhere can I see "take me to the centre".
If I look up attractions or other aspects, it gives me shops, banks, etc, which I don't know if they are in the centre or not.
Why won't it just give me the choice between "centre" or putting in a specific address?
Is it just me? Am I missing something obvious?
I saw a review of a garmin on Amazon and the writer had the same problem as me - so I'm worried now! Thanks for any help or suggestions,


  • caryrae 92 Points
    edited August 2010
    Doesn't it have the option for "cities" when you click "where to" and scroll down?
  • nutcase 91 Points
    As caryrae mentioned, there should be an entry for "Cities" in "Where To".

    Try this:
    Tap "Where To"
    Tap the down-arrow
    You should find an entry labeled "Cities", tap that
    A list of cities should start to pop up (showing the nearest cities first).
    Tap "Spell" and spell the name of the city you want to route to
    Tap "Done"
    A list of all cities matching what you spelled should pop up.
    Tap the city name you want to route to
    Tap "Map" to see where the nuvi thinks the city center is

    In some cities, routing to the city name will take you to the City Hall; in others, it will take you to the physical center of the town's boundaries.
  • jonnop 101 Points
    I was going to make the same suggestion.

    With my 1490, as an experiment, I put in a destination of London (England that is) and the point it would take me to is a few yards from Trafalgar Square, which is central London as far as I am concerned.
  • Just wanted to drive and selected city of Cleveland, OH and followed it all the way to destination and it was a city dump.

    Probably a geographical center I guess.
  • ...or not. :wink:
  • Hello there!
    Yes, it does have the cities option! :oops:
    I thought it would be something stupid like that - with my old sat nav I just put the city in first and then it would give me the option of an address or just the centre.
    Thanks to all of you, :D
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