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New XXL540s

Rabbitman 0 Points
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I just got a new 540s last week to replace my garmin 855 because of the locking up problem and I really like this unit. It's a good solid easy to see and hear unit and I especially like the automatic volume control which changes with your speed, that is nice :D The garmi 855 is able to transmit sound to the radio and it works well but when traveling you do have to constantly change radio stations to keep it working or listen to the units speaker which is barely audible when moving but the problem is the unit itself wont stay working, hence the 540s came into te picture to replace the 855. So far I think Garmin has better poi's but all in all this is a nice machine and I recomed them over the Garmin


  • dhn 336 Points
    Hope you made an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents.

    The 855 map is due any day now so wait before updating your map using the LMG.
  • I too purchased the 540TM last week and I know its early but I would have to agree with your statement that the TomTom is better with the exception of the POI's. I do wish it had the highway mode where it showed trip info, not a biggie though.
  • You can add all kinds of extra POI from places like POI Factory. Add McDonalds for example or Wal-Mart. Lots and lots of extra POI. Tomtom HOME has lots of extra POI you can add as well.
  • Hello Greensboro neighbor. I'm just west of Winston Salem. Thanks for the tip on adding more POI's. Can you make them available to everyone? If so how?
  • dhn 336 Points
    You just go to the sites. Some require (free) membership except for premium poi sets.

    Some sites:

    This is where I get my extra POI sets from.


    Simply download the .ov2 files and .bmp files for the POI and follow instructions to copy them using windows explorer to your 540S
  • simply copying the file(s) to the unit won't work. I think TT POI extension is tlv, not ov2.
    So, how do you convert them? I copied some on my unit and it's not seeing them
  • dhn 336 Points
    No, the poi extension for Tomtom IS ov2 and the file gets copied into the specific map folder. The .tlv is simply a description file of what the ov2 file contains and can also get copied into the map folder.

    But it is the .ov2 file that will get listed in the poi categories screen on your unit.
  • so... to which folder should I copy it? I made a custom POI and it opened a /POI folder and that is where I moved the ov2 file that the unit doesn't see
  • dhn 336 Points
    It goes into the specific map folder

    If your map folder is USA_Canada, for example, it goes there.
  • Thanks, I'm new to the TT and learning.
  • dhn 336 Points
    That's ok. You know to ask.....

    It's the ones that don't who often have problems.

    You do know to make an Explorer backup of your unit's contents, right? Don't use Home.

    Also, since you're keen on custom poi files and, considering where you're posting from, just a heads up.......

    You can go to Tim Hortons web site and download a custom poi set for ALL Timmies in North America! :lol:

    (yeah, thought you'd be interested............. :D )
  • I did a bkp as soon as I brought the unit home and glad I did because I mistakenly formatted it later...
    Thanks for the tip with Tim Hortons, installed the file and noticed right away one store close to my home is missing, and it's been there for years.
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