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How to transfer waypoints TO Maestro 4700 on a PC

dardle 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
:( I am new here, I have always owned Garmin GPS but I decided to give Magellan a try and so far I am quite pleased.

However no matter how much I Google I can't seem to find some simple answers I am looking for.

Is there any software that can convert Garmin's .gpx waypoint files for use in the Maestro? (Maybe it's called address book in Magellan)I must have over 150 waypoints in my Garmin and I will really hate to have to start from scratch.

If nobody knows that answer re: Garmn TO Magellan..Ok How would you transfer waypoints from one Magellan to another..say you have two Maestros? I am not even sure WHICH file IS the waypoint file(s) on Magellan..when looking at them on the PC. I think? It's a .trx file..but I'm not sure.

Seems I can't be the only one who ever wanted to transfer waypoints from one unit to another. I heard easygps does not support Maestro..any info on this subject?? I'm sorry if this may be a dumb question..I'm just NEW to Magellan! Thank you!! :P


  • lenny 0 Points
    I would love to know how to do this also, always had a Garmin but decided to try the Magellan.
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