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problems loading maps from sd card using a 3100

tore.eiff 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
i dont know if i am the only one having these issues but hopfully some one can help lead me in the right direction. i have a magellan 3100 and i tryed to update it and as u all know doing so got me bricked i have then fixed the brick problem but i no longer have the original map files that fit on the unit, i have us map files that will fit on the sd card and i can not seem to get the unit to read the map files i have a 2 gig scandisk sd card and it is FAT formated. any one have any ideas as to what i am doing wrong i have tryed droping the map files on the sd card and i have made a map folder copied from the gps unit with the map files in it nothing i do seems to work some one please help. my email is thank you all for your time


  • patruns 10 Points
    The 3100 does not read the map from the card, only the flash drive. You also need a matching license file on the unit. Using any old map will simply not work.
  • i am slightly confused by that though if the unit does not read from the sd card why does the 2.18 update contain a map file larger than what will fit on the nateral memory of the unit?
  • patruns 10 Points
    A proper update for the 3100 will fit on the flash drive. Don't confuse the size of the download with the actual size of the files that will go on the unit. There may be additional installation files that will run on your PC during the update process or files intended for a similar unit but will not actually go on your unit.
  • Same problem here. Maps won't load from hdd or sd card. Tried fresh firmware install which did not fix the problem.
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