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Magellan 1440 map lag

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I realize that this issue has been discussed before, but having just acquired a 1440, I am disgusted with Magellan. The lag issue on mine is at least 50-75 ft. I updated to firmware 2.42 and this did not fix the issue.
If a GPS should be anything, it should be accurate! This annoyance is a dangerous issue in heavy traffic in the middle of a route. Magellan should recall these units.

Buyer beware. My unit is more functional as a doorstop.


  • My 1470 does have some lag. I found it at most a minor annoyance. At expressway speeds, you had better have your mind made up before 50ft. On surface streets, where you may have streets pretty close together, it spells out pretty clearly what street you are supposed to turn on. If you don't like it, then return it.
  • egale 0 Points
    I bought the 1470 when it was first released. I expected a quick firmware fix for the lag. That never came and map updates never came. The 1470 is now in my junk box!
  • There have been several firmware updates for the 1470. However, none of them fixed the lag. Though I think it is better with 3.11. Also, there has been a map update and at least 2 updates for the AAA data. So your statement that there have been no map updates is wrong.
  • Update:

    About a day after updating the firmware on my 1440 the "lag" issue has resolved itself. Upon resetting the unit (again), the gps took an inordinate amount of time to locate a fix and finally, when it did, it worked properly.

    It' been about 4 days now and the unit seems to be functioning properly. I am very impressed with this gps as of now...hopefully it stays that way!
  • Update #2:

    Well, after another week of use I am happy to say that the 1440 is still functioning well. I have noticed that it takes about a minute to find it s exact location (from cold start) and at that point, the lag is fixed. For everyone concerned about the lag, I can say that update 2.42 has helped a lot.

    I really like this Gps. It is now very accurate and am glad I bought it...EBAY price: $40... A GREAT DEAL.
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