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NAVIGON released Q1/2011 USA Maps



  • hardwire 181 Points
    Started my download using fresh... :-)
  • This is what happened to me: I was clicking to see what would happen if I the counter ran out. So after 12 out of 12, navigon subscription disappeared as I never had it and I was prompted to enter activation code.

    I was a bit panicking and was trying to contact Navigon support through all avenues. Europe, Facebook. Finally, Europe Navigon responded saying that they are showing a valid FreshMap subscription.

    After that, I was only able to download the map via FreshMaps.
  • Earlier this week I received and email from Navigon announcing Q3/2010 map update for my 7200T and have been trying without success to update maps on my 7200T via Navigon Fresh. I keep getting "The server is not answering, try again later" response for both original Navigon Fresh and newly reinstalled Navigon Fresh. I'm hoping the server is just busy but suspect something may be amiss either on my end or Navigon's end. Anyone else seeing this problem or have a suggestion?
  • same thing with me. plus it now shows that I have used up all of my 12 downloads. still waiting for a reply from Navigon
  • If you are trying to update a US system, make sure you have the US version of Navigon Fresh. My version is 1.4.9 and updated my 7100 fine 2 days ago.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    FWIW - My experience with the new map update on a 7200T US.

    The "other"/Mac zipped version as of 10/28 is still Q2 2010.

    I started the Q3 2010 download using Fresh and encountered the "hard drive does not have enough memory" warning. I had my 4 GB SD card inserted in my PC so no tethered PND. So I first deleted about 49 state files from the SD card and free space was increased to 2.87 GB which should have been plenty for the 1.7+GB map update size. Fresh still gave the not enough memory warning. Next I deleted some files off my C-drive. Fresh still gave me the not enough memory warning. Closed Fresh and restarted my PC. That fixed the problem and Fresh recognized the free memory on the SD card and the update proceeded normally.
  • papa 0 Points
    I tried to download Q3 2010 using Fresh 1.49 last night. I kept getting the "incorrect password" message. After 8-10 attempts to log in, I gave up. I am absolutely sure my password is correct because I was able to log onto the Navigon web page. I saw the "other"/Mac zipped version and, indeed, it is Q2 2010. Then I decided to go back to Fresh and create a new account to try to fix the problem. Bad decision! Now I can login to Fresh, but it does not recognize the 7200T and says it is not registered. No way to fix it. I went back to the Navigon web page and was able to log in again as I did originally using my old previous password and there it shows my registered product! I hope Navigon will replace Q2 2010 with Q3 2010 soon in order to get the new map update.
  • If you are trying to update a US system, make sure you have the US version of Navigon Fresh. My version is 1.4.9 and updated my 7100 fine 2 days ago.
    Thanks for the nudge calvertj. Turns out lots of garbage was left over when I reinstalled Navigon Fresh. I uninstalled, rebooted and installed again and all is well. thanks
  • I installed new Freshmaps q3 2010 on my Navigon 8100T and I lost all POI. I did complain to navigon with emails three times and i never got a response. Im very disappointed.
  • Send a E-mail to their CEO Egon Minar
  • how could you loose poi? they are embedded in map files. try downloading it again.
  • I just getting message " no POI in are". I installed couple times and still the same message .
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Where does the gps think you are located? Are you getting a satellite lock?
  • Got a response about the 2010 Q3 Zip files. I am a work now, have not tied them, it may solve your problem

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Regarding your concern, we kindly ask you to go to the following website link in order to successfully update your device with the Q3/2010 maps: .
  • I believe that the POIs are still in the data base but you can't get to them through search "nearby" or "in a city". If you search statewide they seem to pop up. Also if you are on the road and search for POIs on the route they show up on the screen also. However this is a big problem. I depend on the search function to located POIs that are nearby all the time. It sucks. I have sent a message to customer service via thier online contact. I wonder if they will ignore me or help me. Any bets?
  • I called Navigon un UK and they tolled me that they will fix software and let me know asap. In US its not support.

    Berliner Platz 11
    97080 Wuerzburg
    Phone for United Kingdom: 0871-2880154 (0,10 GBP/€/min. Fixed network, mobile tarifs may vary)

  • Does that mean that they will not be offering a software fix for the US?
  • So how is this update to everyone? I finally had a chance to install it on my 7200 and from the first glance everything, including POI's works fine. Anyone else?
  • Installed and running well on my 5100.
  • OK on my 2100max. Will update my 5100max and 7200 in the next few days.
  • Question - I've been updating my three Navigons for a while now with new maps as they come out. I've been checking my MyNavigon account and it never seems to show that I did any downloads - it's always been "0/12" for as long as I can remember. I'd like to think that I might be able to update maps for an indefinite period, except it does say that the expiration date of my FreshMaps is in mid-2011.

    Has anyone else's counter changed as they update?
  • Freshmaps and the counter are sort of independent from each other. They will still expire, so don't get your hopes up.
  • I need help - have registered my freshmaps for a 2100max and cannot get past the map's page that has the "buy" button - the device page shows my unit with freshmaps "activated" but for the life of me I cannot see where to download - the update page shows me at 6.5.0 on the device. Am I missing something obvious here????? Thanks.
  • ________________Merry Christmas from Navigon!

    :lol: NAVIGON has released Q4/2010 USA FreshMaps :lol:
  • It's truly a Christmas miracle, they are releasing them more often now than when they were in business. However, I don't think I turned my unit on since the last update, finding using my gps phone is more convenient.

    Not sure if it's me or Navigon, but update just won't go- will not recognize the software which is on my SD card.
  • classic_150 0 Points
    edited December 2010
    I have the Navigon 5100. I lost the spoken street names with a recent map upgrade. I now have the q4 2010 maps and still no spoken street names. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix for it?
  • What would be really nice, now that Navigon seems to be consistently releasing new map updates, would be for them to actually offer new subscriptions for FreshMaps. Kind of stinks to be stuck with a map from 2008 going into 2011. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • BTW, have a 7100 and I'm in the US.
  • They are running this fast in order to run out existing subscriptions. In a year or less then won't have to support our arses any longer and they can shut down this unfortunate experience of US Navigon.
  • You don't need to use Fresh Maps to update your map. Read the directions I posted in a reply below:
  • woan 0 Points
    Maybe just me but I thought that the first reboot after Fresh updating a 7200T with the 2010 4Q maps seemed like it took forever...

    Worked great afterwards though....

    Is this the first time they hit a calendar quarter?
  • Did anyone get a E-Mail that Q4 2010 was available?

    Seems to be ok
  • I haven't received the email yet, but the update is available. Seems like the email always comes a couple weeks later, at least for me.
  • Hi Guys,
    My navigon 7100 stopped saying street names infact any directional words at all after the update Q4 2010. I dont know what i should now. Infact when i check the basic settings, the option to turn on the spoken streen names is disabled, so i cannot set either yes or no.

    What should i do, pls suggest.

  • Hi Guys,
    I found the solution to the problem.
    All I did is add 3 additional folders in the sound folder under MP6 folder. it does the magic. I added 3 empty folders with the names of women sounds they got.

  • 1/4/11
    GPS App Delivers Turn-by-Turn Directions for Nevada

    NAVIGON AG, a leading provider of mobile phone on-board navigation, today announced an Audi branded iPhone navigation app for the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES), Audi Las Vegas Navigator. The app is based on NAVIGON’s award winning MobileNavigator and helps CES visitors to navigate around Las Vegas. Audi Las Vegas Navigator includes maps for the state of Nevada and is now available in the App Store for a limited time.

    For thousands of visitors traveling to CES this year from around the world, Audi Las Vegas Navigator supports multi-language precise turn-by-turn directions, lane guidance and helps finding hotels, restaurants, Vegas hot spots, airports and more. CES attendees can travel from the air to ground and around the conference without worrying about getting lost. Connected services provide real-time information, like Google Local Search, Weather Live and location sharing with in-app connections to Facebook and Twitter. Even when continuing by foot, a pedestrian mode provides precise walking directions.

    Features and range of functions:
    - iOS 4 support including Multitasking and FastAppSwitch
    - Simple, intuitive user interface
    - Can be used in portrait and landscape format
    - Precise voice announcements
    - Intelligent address entry
    - Latest available NAVTEQ map data
    - Live Weather information (at destination and on route)
    - CleverParking
    - Reality View Pro
    - Lane Assistant Pro
    - Real signpost display
    - Speed Assistant with adjustable audio-visual warning
    - Direct access and navigation to your iPhone’s address book contacts
    - 2D and 3D map displays (bird’s-eye view)
    - Quick access to user-defined POIs in the area and along the route
    - Take Me Home function with a single click
    - Route Planning
    - Text-to-Speech voice guidance
    - Automatic Day/Night adjustment
    - Integrated iPod control
    - Location sharing via Email
    - Enhanced Pedestrian Navigation
    - Google Local Search
    - Coordinate Input
    - SOS/DirectHelp
    - Turn-by-Turn RouteList
    - Connection to Facebook and Twitter.

    The only included map is that of the state of Nevada, according to Navigon. Generally, an app like this goes for $30-$40.
  • I found the solution to the problem.
    All I did is add 3 additional folders in the sound folder under MP6 folder. it does the magic. I added 3 empty folders with the names of women sounds they got.
    This worked for me as well on my 5100. Thank you
  • After upgrading my US 7100 to 4th Quarter maps I lost both voice and reality view functions. I added the additional directories an earlier post recommended and the voice works fine now - still no reality view. Anybody know how to restore reality view? Settings say it is enabled, but I have no reality view. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Guys,
    I found the solution to the problem.
    All I did is add 3 additional folders in the sound folder under MP6 folder. it does the magic. I added 3 empty folders with the names of women sounds they got.

    Could you clarfy the woman's names : use any or the two names you have a choice of on the #Q 2010. thanks
  • woan 0 Points
    FYI I received the US NAVIGON Newsletter | Update FreshMaps Q4 2010 email this morning...
  • hardwire 181 Points
    Was notified also Q4 2010.... downloading now....
  • luckybirman 91 Points
    edited February 2011
    I received that email the other day as well about the 4th Qtr update. Didn't we already do that a month or two ago?
    Edit: I checked and I had done it the first week of January 2011.
  • hardwire 181 Points
    If we did I must have missed it... I check the GPS and it still had Q3...
  • ************************:lol: Backup & Restore :lol:

    How do I make a data backup?
    We recommend you to make a backup of the memory card in your navigation device at regular intervals.

    It is also recommendable to make a backup of the memory card before you download any new navigation map, service or add-on.

    When a backup is made, the data on the memory card is saved in the hard disk of your computer. If necessary, these data can then be retrieved (copied back) into the memory card.

    With the free software , making backups and restoring data is easy.

    How to create a backup:

    Connect your NAVIGON device to your computer through the USB cable.
    insert the memory card with the NAVIGON software in your computer's card reader.

    Start NAVIGON Fresh. Click on Backup & Restore. Click on make a new backup.

    Follow instructions on the screen.

    Instead of the name already provided for the backup you can give it any other name.

    How to restore a saved backup:

    Connect your NAVIGON device with your computer through a USB cable.
    insert the memory card, with the NAVIGON software, in the computer's card reader.

    Start NAVIGON Fresh. Click on Backup & Restore. Click on the name of the backup which you would like to restore.

    Follow the instructions on the screen.

    Remove the USB cable from the navigation system
    insert the memory card with the restored data again in the navigation system.

    Carry out a Reset on the device.
  • I inserted the USB cable with my 7200T, then copied everything from the drive (from "my computer") and pasted it to "my documents". I would reverse the procedure for a restore. I also copied it to a flash drive for a day in the future when I get the blue screen of death. Wouldn't this work the same ? It is how I back up my other (brand) GPS.
  • Hello MEDICID,
    If you have a back up of earlier versions, please check for name there ( I don't remember on top of my head right now Grrrrr ). Add 3 folders with those names and you should be all set.

  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    :lol: NAVIGON has released Q1/2011 USA FreshMaps :lol:
  • Wade 81 Points
    I just about fell over, I was able to download the update even though my 2 years has passed!


    We'll see if (there is a) next update, what it does then...
  • papa 0 Points
    :lol: NAVIGON has released Q1/2011 USA FreshMaps :lol:
    Will this map update work on a 7200T and where can I d/l it? I can't find any mention of this update on the NavigonUSA website. Maybe I missed it, though.
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