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A way to fix a bricked RoadMate 1470?

Brian117 0 Points
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Hello, I am looking for a way to fix my bricked RoadMate 1470 GPS. It happened after I did the newest 3.11 update. It installed the update and said it successfully installed, and to unplug the USB and the system will reset, which it did. Although, it will not go past the splash screen. It just shows the Magellan logo along with the spinning clock. The clock does not freeze. It is just in a infinite loop and will not go to the GPS main menu. I contacted Magellan support, but I figure I'll ask here to see if I get a quicker response. Is there anyway to downgrade the firmware? I was thinking though, with my computer by plugging in the USB cable supplied with the unit, I can access all the GPS files by going under My Computer, and the GPS is listed under the removable drives, and I can view all the files on it. What if I were to format the GPS using Windows and then re-write either firmware 3.11, or less? What would that do to my unit? Just looking for some answers because this GPS was actually a prize I won off that Microsoft Club Bing. And I don't know if Magellan support will accept it since I don't have a proof of purchase. I really don't know though yet, they haven't got back to me, and I forgot to mention I got it from Club Bing in the ticket.

Hope someone can help, thank you very much.


  • blico 0 Points
    Welcome to the club! Many of us have suffered the "brick" after an update. I'm currently on my 3rd replacement. Now out of warranty, I'll use my 1470/1475 (magellan CS not sure which one it is) with all it's shortcomings until it eventually cr@ps out - then I'll buy a different brand.
    I don't think that there is a successful "home" fix for the brick.
  • You are lucky, it was free. If it's still within the one year warrantee period from the time you received the GPS, send an E-mail to Magellan's support and tell them what happened. They may give you a return authorization and you can send it back to them and they will replace it. Another option is to throw it in the trash and buy a different brand. My next one will be a Garmin even through they are more expensive.
  • Hello everyone, good news. Magellan has processed an order for me for a replacement unit. I just have to send this unit in and I will get a refurbished one in 5-7 days from when they receive my unit. Great tech and customer support.
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