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Roadmate 1200 can not copy original SD to larger SD!

Mrcrowley 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I want to change my sd card in my Magellan Roadmate 1200. So I took a look at card in my GPS and it is formated fat so I formated a 2 gig sd card the same and copied the contents on old card to new card . Now it says SD card has been removed,Program will restart,Please insert SD card with map. I still have the old card and it works but I wanted a card with more space for saved POI and other stuff. questions is
How do I make it work?


  • Same issue here, just found this thread on Google with no reply, hopefully bumping so we can get an answer.

    I bought a 2GB SD card so I can transfer all of the data from the 1GB card onto the 2GB card so I can have more space.

    However trying to start the device with the 2GB card inside, it vomits up an error saying "SD card has been removed. Program will restart. Please insert SD Card with map."

    I have an SD card in the device with the same exact files as the old 1GB SD card. Only difference is that the new card is bigger.

    Does the GPS only take "Official" Magellan SD cards? If it does, is there something I can do in the file system here to trick the GPS into thinking it's a Magellan SD card?
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