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Magellan roadmate 1440 reboot issue

tim_86 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I have a magellan roadmate 1440, and i currently did a software update for it, the installation completed and on the gps unit it said, "Upgrade has been done Please remove SD card and reboot device" Well first of all there is no sd card in it and i did reboot it and that same message keeps popping up everytime i reset the unit, has anyone else have this problem before?? Also i tried hooking it back up to my pc and now it doesnt connect to pc.


  • It looks like you may have "Bricked" it. If you can't get out of that loop. I would suggest you call Magellan. Depending on when you bought it, I would try to make them pay for return shipping. This is a fairly common problem. Many people have bricked their units while doing the updates. It is a shame because it gives Magellan a bad name.
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