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Nextar Q4 Upgrade

bktourer1 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
Ayone know how to get a upgrade for a refurb, Nextar Q-4?
Their site states the S/n on my unit is upgradable but cust service says no.
They don't answer the phone and I tried with no response there.
I don't want to throw the unit away along with the accessories


  • I finally got this from Odessey50

    The map updates are now available but we haven't had time to update our webpages. If you would like the new maps right away we can send you a PayPal money request for $35 plus $5 shipping ($40 total) and once we receive notification of payment we will ship you a new SD card with software updates and new maps.

    Let us know if you wish to update the maps and what e-mail we should send the request to.

    (Note that shipping to Canada is $10 more for a total of $50)
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