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Repeated failures of TomTom GPS

Sasha 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I was wondering if anyone had such a terrible experience with TomTom products as I did and if anyone had a success at getting out of the loop of shipping back defective units one after another?
My unit keeps dying for various reasons and TomTom keeps sending me defective replacements.
The product is utterly useless, you cannot rely on it when you need it.
I wasted a lot of money on HW and all the maps I purchased from TomTom (North America, Western and Eastern Europe).
TomTom support does not want to do anything about it, they just keep repeating that they have to follow their “policies” about replacement process.
Is anyone aware of any legal remedies that one can take?


  • dhn 336 Points
    What model do you have and what are the specific issues with it?
  • Sasha 0 Points
    I got GO 630.
    The failures are with the screen where it gets stuck in a loop of self executing commands and keeps bringing you to police station location, and the latest one was inability to hold any charge, once the unit is off the charger battery goes dead within a couple of minutes.
    But the problem is really TomTom as a company and their service and support, they keep sending me defective replacements one after another, it is crazy.
  • dhn 336 Points
    Often the cause of the phantom screen movement is dirt under the bezel. A common solution is to slowly move a sharp corner of a business card around the entire perimeter of the glass under the bezel.

    There is a guide to replacing the battery on that model, if you are so inclined:

    Yhat said, when TT sends out refurbished units, they flash the drive with the latest image for the model but that would do nothing if there was junk under the bezel. And I suspect they do NOT put a fresh battery in the unit.

    Yep, quality control needs improving.

    Have you tried to speak to a supervisor about the repeated problem?
  • Sasha 0 Points
    It cannot be dirt, otherwise it would mean that TomTom is sending dirty units as replacement and they do not check at all their functionality.
    It would indicate nonexistent quality control.
    And I do not want to spend money on battery, the unit is defective, why do I have to go and buy battery when I receive defective unit from TomTom?
    Do you go and buy battery for your car when you drive away from a dealer?
    TomTom support is terrible, as is their product, I spoke to supervisor, he kept repeating the same mantra about policies as support personnel.
    I might as well cut my losses and get GPS from another manufacturer.
  • roadster 96 Points
    tt 1535tm died right as I returned it to bestbuy.

    tt 3525mt Sound was 100% heat was around 100 plus in car sound dropped to 25% level.. As well a issue that was totally annoying at pc it interferred with any sounddevice.

    when gotten in car. it did the same. so it got groundissues. TT support neverheard of such a thing I said byebye.
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