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TN765T will not connect...

boriquasoy 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav my computer. I'm running Windows 7 x86 and after several hours of trying to connect to the unit it continues to tell me that "USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED". I have downloaded MOTOHELPER, TOOLBOXand the 5.0 DEVICE DRIVER and still no success. Any other suggestions?


  • davelac 91 Points
    This happens to me as well at times. Before I turn my computer on, I'll plug in the USB from the unit first, then turn on the computer - it usually finds it this way.
  • davelac - Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried that and of course, nothing. I'm about to throw this thing out of the window and call it a day. Any other thoughts or ideas I can try?
  • RAMRODSR 41 Points
    I have had this problem also, if you have more than one usb port, try another port. This has worked for me in the past. I will open my window just in case you decide to toss it. Throw is hard in the direction of Texas.

    Good luck
  • Problem solved! Switched cables and she connects now. Seems the Motorola cable was no good but my Blackberry cable came through. Thanks for the help!

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