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Free update 265wt---can I use it for my older 265wt unit?

Just bought a refurb 265wt for hubby's car because it was $30 more than a map update for my 265wt. Figured I'd give hubby my unit and take the newer, updated version. Since the newer one has fairly good maps, I am now wondering if I can use the map update on the older unit.

Old one - 2010.10
New one - 2011.10

So, question is, can I use my free update on my older device (of the same model)? If so, do I need to order the "disk" or just use the automatic internet download?



  • sussamb 961 Points
    Short answer is no
  • blupupher 91 Points
    Long answer, maybe.

    I bought a refurb 1350 a few weeks ago from Amazon.
    When I got it, it was not showing as having the "free" 90 day update available.
    I e-mailed Garmin with the proof of purchase from Amazon, and they added an update to my account, and it was not tied to any unit. I was curious if I could use it on my 250 with 2009 maps, and it let me select it.

    So if you hook your refurb 265w up and it shows a map update is available for that unit, then no.
    If you have to contact Garmin and they "give" you an update map, then possibly. I did not actually use the update on the 250 as I was just curious. I already have a SD card I bought from e-bay with 2011.10 maps for it.
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