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Comparing Models; How ?

Robert11 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations

As a first time purchaser, I "think" I know what i want, and don't need.

Looked at the Garmin site,and the Tom Tom site.

With Garmin's site, you can at least pick the features you want via check boxes, and then it does a sorting. Still really can't compare models, side by side though.

With Tom Tom, you don't even have this option.
Seems like you have to go thru each series, one by one, and they sure do have a lot of series.

is there some site where you can compare the features of the different models, side-by-side, both for Garmin and Tom Tom offerings ?

The really don't make it easy to pick one, reasonably intelligently.



  • sussamb 829 Points

    With Garmin's site, you can at least pick the features you want via check boxes, and then it does a sorting. Still really can't compare models, side by side though.

    Yes you can. Go here and tick the boxes on the right of the models you're interested in, then click on compare:
  • blupupher 91 Points allows you to pick 5 models and compare them.
  • Robert11 0 Points
    Hi again,

    First, a most sincere thanks for all the help.
    Truly appreciated. Really a super Forum.

    Sr. Citizen now, and this will be my first gps.

    Have tried to register with the Tom Tom site, but it keeps bouncing my
    registrations, can't recognize my e-mail, etc.
    Am tempted to blame the problems on my age (an absolutely great excuse for most everything), but am pretty sure the fault(s) are on their end.

    Whoever designed their site, and also their reg. process should be fired.
    Just not worth the hassle, although I would still like to compare Garmin and Tom Tom units.

    Anyway, have pretty much decided on the Garmin nuvi 1450 which Amazon has for $ 135.

    a. Any thoughts or opinions on if this is a "good" choice ? Caveats ?
    A reasonably modern unit ?

    b. What would be the closest Tom Tom model to this one, both as to
    features and price ? Perhaps I can back into a comparison this way.
    (A 5" screen is a necessity for me)

    c. Also, I read your excellent writeup on why WAAS might not be a good
    idea. Might still want to consider.

    Funny, but Garmin does have a small writeup on it relative to auto gps,
    but none of their models seem to show or mention it.

    In the $ 150-$175 price range, do any of them offer it ? Which ?

    d. Is the resolution of the 5" Tom Tom units any better than Garmin's ?

    Again, thanks for the help,
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Can't comment on TomTom models but as a 'very close to being' senior citizen I have a 1490 (same series as the 1450) and find it very easy to read (and my eyesights not perfect).

    The curent software on these models is very solid, and in my view it's a very good choice.

    I wouldn't worry about WAAS, it's not needed in auto GPS and although I have it with my handheld it's always switched off, I've experimented with it on but to all practical purposes it doesn't improve the accuracy and degrades battery life.

    Enjoy your 1450!
  • jangeo67 86 Points
    take alook at the garmin nuvi 2450LM. its one of garmins latest (if not the latest) models. has a good price on it. $182.00
  • mikemu 0 Points
    Downside with TomTom is the screen gets washed out in sunlight and I believe that is with most of their models.
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