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refurbished nuvi?

kennpaul 0 Points
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Good morning...first post here.
I currently have a Garmin Nuvi 255W and am interested in adding a Garmin Nuvi 3790T. Can't find a new one at a local store but refurbished ones are available. Generally I'm not inclined to buy previously owned stuff when I am dependent on it, because I never know where it came from, why is it refurbished, will it perform as well as a new one, etc....but this case is different. Do you have any wisdom/opinion/suggestions on "refurbished" 3790T's? Thanks for any guidance.


  • t923347 532 Points
    We normally find that buying a refurbished unit directly from Garmin or through one of their authorized dealers is a pretty safe bet. These units have been returned to "new" condition and carry the same warranty as a new model. They also normally come updated to the newest software and maps (new as of the time they were refurbished) and may even carry the nuMaps Guarantee. The only difference you will find is that you'll be paying less than buying a totally new model.

    Now buying a refurbished unit from someone that isn't a Garmin dealer can bring with it a lot of pain, including not being able to register the unit because it is still registered to the orginal owner. Best to stay away from any unauthorized dealers.

    It's also important to understand Garmin's policy concerning units purchased via auction websites like e-bay if that purchase option is being considered.
  • Tim 1482 Points
    We also have a short article: Refurbished GPS Devices
  • blupupher 91 Points
    I bought a refurbished 1350 from Amazon a little while back and can say I could not tell it from a brand new one except the box is different and it cost me $55 less than new.
    Same warranty as new, comes with the "free" map update (I did have to e-mail Garmin to get the update to show up as available), has everything that a new one would have in a box and even has the plastic cover on the screen.

    I truthfully doubt I will ever buy another "New" GPS again.
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