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How long do Garmin/Navteq take to update a map?

I have recently purchased a Nuvi 1340, and find that the installed map, and the next update, still do not show a new 10 mile dual road, and its revised junction with a motorway which lead out from a town near me. Construction was finished about 6 months ago, and the new road opened at that time. As a new member of this forum, I hope this question is appropriate. Many thanks.


  • maptechie 0 Points
    The map updates are actually from NAVTEQ. Garmin is the hardware supplier only. You can submit changes to NAVTEQ via their website, but don't expect your changes to be reflected for many updates into the future. At a typical rate of 4 new map updates per year, you could be waiting a very long time to see the new road layout.


  • blupupher 91 Points
    Yea, at the earliest, your looking at 2 map updates (6 months) from the time a road is completed till it will show up since word is garmin is about 3-4 months behind on their release from when NAVTEQ updates their maps.

    As said, you can go to the NAVTEQ site and see what their maps shows and report the change.
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