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Preowned maps for Nuvi 255W?

Is there a place that sells preowned copies of map software. My 255W still has its original maps, but they need updating.


  • Marc 301 Points
    Maps are tied to the Garmin unit they are initially installed on (copy protected maps such as those that came with your 255). Once installed they cannot be transferred to another GPS. So the answer is no, "preowned maps" do not exist. You can buy updated maps from Garmin, either on an individual basis, or as a subscription for the life of your GPS.
  • That's what I was afraid of. I wish my 255W came with lifetime map updates...but it didn't.
  • t923347 532 Points
    You can still buy Lifetime Maps, currently $73 at I single map update is available for $42.
  • You can look on e-bay for a used SD card. I got a 2010.4 SD card last year for like $25 shipped. It updated my 2009 maps on the unit, and the card can be used in any Garmin (the cards are not locked to a unit, just the card itself).
    It is very hit and miss though (mine was from a seller who said he got a new GPS and sold the old GPS and card separately to get more money). I don't see any cheap used ones available right now.

    Some people find it easier to just buy a new GPS every 2-3 years instead though.
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