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Short life for Garmin Lifetime Maps...

sailsfast 0 Points
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Garmin Lifetime Maps what a scam. I bought LM for my 1490T that's a bit over a year old and after 4 map updates the hard drives about full leaving little room for anymore map updates. Phooey! The word "Lifetime" is seriously miss leading.


  • You can put the map on an SD card. No problem with that.
  • When you update the map, it deletes the old one and then puts the new one on.
    You have plenty of room.
  • Yes that is true but I don't believe it's the greatest way of doing map updates. 1. Garmin doesn't actually support the use of SD cards, quote from the Garmin website: "While we do not support the installation or use of a Card Reader or Adapter, here are some helpful bits of information". Here's the rest,{390a10c0-1ac6-11dc-eb67-000000000000} 2. With a SD card now you have another piece of the puzzle to carry around and when in use the things sticking out of GPS. Makes more sense to me that the GPS unit would come with a big enough drive to support map updates for at least 2 years, preferable longer.
  • When you update the map, it deletes the old one and then puts the new one on.
    You have plenty of room.
    That's exactly what I thought was suppose to happen but last night during my mapping update it wasn't possible. When I got to the install maps part a window open saying I had to select a smaller portion of the US because my drive is about full. I searched the Garmin site a read that's what happens, the drive fills up and if you want maps of the complete US you have to load it on a SD card. Of course I can't find the exact page I read this on the Garmin website right now to show you. Anyway, I'm not making this stuff up.
  • Problem solved. The issue is the new web updater I installed last night, the app that automaticlly scans for updates and downloads them to your computer then you plug in the GPS and install the maps. Just spoke with Garmin tech support, it's got bug issues. I have to go back to the Garmin online web update.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    So, do you still feel the lifetime maps are a "scam"? :roll:
  • sviking 141 Points
    Does the OP really *need* all of North America loaded at once, as well? Nope. 99.9% of us don't. :roll:
  • This begs the question - why doesn't Garmin sell less expensive regional US Lifetime maps?

    My next Garmin will definitely be a model with Lifetime maps included.

    This great forum has taught me to subtract $90 off the price of any model with Lifetime maps, because I will for sure spend that to keep any other model up to date.

    This takes some of the sting out of the price of that 3790LMT I'm eyeing for my husband's Christmas present. :wink:
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