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Delete maps off the Nuvi 765T

My Garmin Nuvi 765T has the latest 2012.20 map installed. It also has listed a CN North America NT 2010.30 Eastern North Carolina map. It is constantly reminding me that this map is out of date.

How can I get rid of this extra map? I tried searching but could not find anything. I tried MapInstall and MapSource but neither appear to let you delete a map off the Garmin.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    I guess it should be your gmapsupp.img in your map folder, so if you have one there delete it (back it up first just in case). If not there see if it's in your .system file but be careful you don't delete the wrong one!
  • Boyd 2007 Points
    I think the maps on the 7x5 series will be in the \Garmin folder. And not sure about the filename either. The map that originally came with your nuvi was named gmapprom.img. Normally an update would just replace this file. Did you do something else with your unit, like try to only load part of the map?

    This is tricky, because you haven't told us enough to know which file to delete. If you send an additional map to your Nuvi, it will be named gmapsupp.img. The question is which is which. It get trickier, because most nuvi's will refuse to work at all if you delete the gmapprom.img file.

    Before doing ANYTHING, back up your Nuvi. Either drag or paste all the files to another folder on your computer. It will take awhile and probably use about 2GB of space. But this is very important, because it will give you a better chance of fixing things later if you mess up.

    Now look at the sizes and modification dates of all the .img files you find in the Garmin folder. I would assume the one that you want to keep will be the newest and also the largest one.

    My guess is that gmapprom.img is the one you want to delete, because gmapsupp.img should not give you any warning about an out of date map.

    Proceed with caution. If you aren't really confident in your ability to do this, then don't even try because you could make your unit inoperable. If you can determine that gmapprom.img is the old file, you could delete it, then re-name gmapsupp.img to gmapprom.img. But you will also need to delete the old gmapprom.unl and gmapprom.gma files if they exist. You would then rename gmapsupp.unl to gmapprom.unl and the same with the .gma file.

    But really, if you don't feel really confident just forget it and learn to love the map update message. I mean really... as you can see, two people have already given you conflicting info. :twisted:
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Yep, and I'm told (though never seen it) that the warning to update maps will eventually go away ... so Boyd's advice may be best.

    Whatever you do, do as we both advise ... backup first so you can restore if needed :)
  • Boyd 2007 Points
    My experience is that the update message just keeps coming back, probably once a month. However, it's unclear as to whether this is the same across all the different models.
  • Yep, and I'm told (though never seen it) that the warning to update maps will eventually go away ... so Boyd's advice may be best.
    Well, my 255 still warns me every month or so (never paid close attention to its timing) that my 2009 map is out of date, and that has been going on for around 2 years.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    I stand corrected. Others have said that it goes away. Ho hum :wink:
  • I'm starting to think the warning is totally random. I got the out-of-date warning on my 765T about 2 weeks ago stating that my 2012.10 was a year out of date. :roll:
  • Marc 301 Points
    When I had a 765 I know that often a few days after I updated a map I would get this warning. Garmin said it was a bug and ignore it. Duh.
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