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Googlemaps Send to GPS issue

pycoed 80 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
I've just bought a Motonav 760T (Uk version of the 765T) as my first satnav & have a query over the GoogleMaps Send-to-GPS feature.

I've read all the Motorola forum notes re serial numbers, & I have a device with a 13 digit serial number, so the serial number doesn't seem to be an issue, however...

When I connect the Motonav to the PC (using the supplied USB to micro USB cable) & Send-to-GPS from GoogleMaps, as far as Google is concerned all is successful, however nothing appears on my 760T. Where SHOULD the destinations/ routes appear? Can I find it by simply interrogating the Motonav file structures? I use Ubuntu, so when connected via USB I can see the various folders on the device simply as mass storage.

I booted to Windows (first time for about 18 months, ugh!) to install the toolbox & update OS/ maps etc, I've also tried the Google send from within Windows with a similar lack of success.

A very helpful soul on the Motorola forum suggested that this would only work with a bluetooth phone paired to the unit, which presents a problem since I don't own one!
Google just asks for the Motorola serial number on its Send-to-GPS dialog box & reports sending successful.

So... Is there any way to send points from Google (or even Bing ) maps to the unit from my PC other than saving it in Myplaces in Googleearth as a KML & then physically copying into the Motonav/Content/Userdata directory?

Ideas anyone, please?


  • I don't know of a way to update without phone.

    Favorites are saved in the motonav/save folder.
    The file is called user.upoi

    If you copy this file to your PC you can edit this to add entries.
    rename file extension .upoi to .txt
    open with notepad (or any program as text)

    look at how entries are made and copy format to add extras

    save, rename extension .txt to .upoi, and put back in the motonav/save folder.
  • pycoed 80 Points
    Cheers! I'll give it a go.
  • pycoed 80 Points
    Hmmm -- I can't find a Save directory in Motonav.
    I can't find a user.upoi file anywhere on the unit either, even though I have physically created several favourites on the unit which obviously show up on its screen.
  • Sorry,
    The default location for the save folder is the "GPSPARAM" drive on the unit that is only accessible from CE shell.

    You need to modify the sys.txt file in the motonav directory to tell it to create a save folder in the motonav directory. This will make it available to you via usb (and protect your routes, data from reset)

    Add this to your sys.txt file in the motonav folder. You will loose your old info...but will be able to get to it from now on from usb connection.

  • pycoed 80 Points
    Thanks for the info, I've just done that, but found that the device reverted to the original skin, OS & map set as well. I just can't be bothered with reinstalling all that lot as well as favourites & then fiddling with the rest. I'll change sys.txt back & Ho... hum... I'll have to use Google Earth's KML files instead
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