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Downloading from website

LongevityMD 0 Points
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TomTom has a flawed business model. When you pay to download maps they take your money and don't allow the download. They don't respond to emails. They're closed on weekends. Had a similar problem with a TomTom previously which is why I switched to Garmin-great problem, attention to after sales service.
Luckily my wife bought the Garmin @ Target so we can get a refund.


  • dhn 337 Points
    First of all, TomTom support IS open on Saturdays. Next, it does work with Mac computers. The admin on this site can attest to it.

    You clearly had other issues.............
  • This forum should lock out those Garmin employees !!

    When I was looking for a new GPS, I saw major complaints about ALL the top three GPS companies and their lack of quality customer service. I concentrated on the features I wanted and found (in advance) forums (not affiliated with the company itself) who could help me should I have a problem.
  • Sorry dude don't work for Garmin. Also Saturday isn't Sunday. But then if you unexpectedly had a good experience with a TomTom, good for you. But check out CNET Reviews if you think that I'm alone with my downloading problems.
  • Have not had any problems with downloads for my TT
  • CS can be hit and miss. I've been having a go round with TomTom about a map that Home blasted off my unit. I could download the map, just could not get it on the unit. Even tried manual installation. I have to say that CS worked very diligently with me. The last tech I spoke with asked me if I was on a wireless network. When I said yes, she said that I must plug directly into the router(hardwire). Then I should call them back and they would allow me to download the map again. TT Home can be very flaky, do not rely solely on it. Call tech support, they can help.
  • Believe me on this. Whenever you want to update your gps, DO NOT use a wireless connection. Nothing but heartache. As wacky as TT Home can be it's worse on wireless. That should the first item on everyone's upgrade checklist. A hardwired connection. This will eliminate major problems.
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