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looking to upgrade from a nuvi 250w

i was looking at the nuvi 40 its about $110 i was thinking of maybe buying a used nuvi with the same features to save some money. could you recommend some models for me to look at.

features i really like to have

Speaks street names
High-sensitivity receiver
Lane assist
Junction view
Speed limit indicator
4.3" or larger


  • I got a refurbished Nuvi 1350 on Amazon for $75 a few months ago.
    That has all the features you want except Junction view (which usefulness varies on location).
    The 1450 does have everything you want (but costs more).
  • is there a for sale section in this forum?
  • Tim 1485 Points
  • dont you think we should have one? most forums do.
  • Tim 1485 Points
    No, I don't think we should have one. There are plenty of venues already setup to handle such tasks well. (eBay, Craigslist, etc). Dealing with expired listings, fraudulent transactions, image hosting, securely exchanging contact info, etc is a pain and beyond the scope of what most people want to see here.
  • Yea, most forums do have a FS section, but as said, GPS are a highly stolen item, and so the chance of someone selling a stolen GPS here is pretty high, and someone would try to hold gpsreviews responsible for it, or law enforcement might get involved (especially if it happens more than once).

    Plenty of other places to sell/buy used GPS (I personally would never buy a "used" GPS unless I could meet the seller and have proof of purchase (or at least the box and all info, as well as being able to hook it up to a computer and check with Garmin on it).
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