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Nulink app purchasing issues on PND & website


First post here and in need of a little help. I did a search and did not find a similar question so here goes.

In late August I purchased a Nulink 1695 from an online retailer 180$ new(great deal). Everything from the unit is great. I was very interested in the weather alerts coming from a device that had msn direct I was pretty excited about advanced weather.

I clicked on the nulink icon on the PND and on advanced weather tab. It gave me 2 options: trial or purchase. I figured I do the trial first for 30 day to test it out. It worked great and it finally expired last week. I was ready to purchase.

I already have a credit card setup on mygarmin account so I can do purchases direct from my PND. I clicked on the Nulink icon on my PND and proceeded to click on advanced weather. On top with red letters was the work expired. Below were the 2 tabs are, one reading trial and the other purchase. When I try to tap purchase nothing happens. I realized the the purchase tab was grayed out not allowing me to purchase.

I checked the triple bars on top left and hit account status and it displayed that purchasing was enabled. Just to check I decided to click on the safety camera tab as I don't have a subscription to that. On the bottom options for Safety Cameras the purchase tab is active and will allow me to purchase the service.

So currently on my PND i am not allowed to purchase Advanced Weather but I can purchase Safety Cameras. I need Advanced Weather though???

I was told by a Garmin rep that I can purchase the app directly from their website. I went to Nulink services, clicked on America, clicked buy now, type my serial number in and it tells me when my Nulink services expire next year and a link on the bottom to purchase safety camera alerts and advance weather. I click on the Nulink Store link at the bottom of the text thinking I'm home free. Low and behold the page does not work. this is where I am directed to:

This page does not work apparently.

Does anyone know a solution to this so I can purchase Advanced Weather from my PND or a working page on the garmin website so i can purchase it there. Sorry for the long story but i wanted to make sure i put enough details in it.

Thanks for your time and God Bless.


  • MSN Direct is shutting down on Jan 1 2012, so it is a good thing they won't let you purchase it.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    I don't think NuLink advanced weather has anything to do with MSN.... does it?
    Garmin nüLink! Store

    Your source for purchasing premium services, such as Advanced Weather, for your nüLink! device.

    Advanced Weather

    Be prepared with Advanced Weather. Receive severe weather alerts and view the latest weather radar image on your device. Purchase this service from your device.
    I don't know what's going on, but I'm pretty sure that only Garmin support can solve the problem.
  • MSN Direct is shutting down on Jan 1 2012, so it is a good thing they won't let you purchase it.
    Yeah I know, this is for my new 1695. I referenced msn direct because my old unit supported that service. Advanced Weather is for Nulink devices.
  • Does anyone have a link to the nulink store online that works for purchasing the weather app?

  • t923347 532 Points
    I checked my 1695 and I'm finding that all I can purchase is a renewal of the nuLink service. Advanced Weather doesn't currently seem to be a valid option and even the webpage for it brings back an error message that the page could not be found.
  • caryrae 92 Points
    When I had my 1695 I was able to get the advanced weather right on the unit itself but if you want to cancel the service you have to do it from mygarmin. You can look at the manual page 28 to see how it works,!1695_OwnersManual.pdf
  • t923347 532 Points
    As the OP said, the purchase option on the 1695 for advanced weather is "greyed out". My 1695 used to allow you to tap on Purchase but it doesn't seem to be available any longer.
  • Interesting

    Is it possible for those who have a Nulink 1695 without an advanced weather subscription to check if their tab to purchase the service on the unit itself is grayed out and post your results here?

  • Update:

    Having talked twice to Garmin, and connecting my pnd to the computer to update software (which caused other issues to be told in new topic) the issue was not resolved. However after a very informative talk with one of gamins software reps I was told that this was a known issue and that they were working on an update for the problem.

    I was not however given an eta for a fix.

  • t923347 532 Points
    Just by chance, I checked the 1695 this morning and I find that I can now purchase the Advanced Weather service by tapping the Purchase icon on the screen.
  • Thanks, I will try it once wife gets home.
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