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Nokia Maps for Android/iOS/Blackberry

mvl 191 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Nokia has quietly launched their HTML5 version of Nokia maps for iOS and Android.

As an HTML5 app, it is launched from a web browser by going to

However, in the few minutes I used it, it looks and behaves pretty much like the full fledged Nokia maps app you'd see on a Nokia phone (without the Nokia Drive functionality). It gives you streetview, traffic view, public transit routing, pedestrian routing, etc. But (due to missing Nokia Drive) it doesn't have turn-by-turn.

What is pretty revolutionary for HTML5 is the offline maps functionality. Similar to Nokia phones, you can pre-download entire map regions at your house (eg: over wifi) to minimize/eliminate data costs while on the road. If you drive offroute, the app will download missing locations on the fly. (offline maps requires Android 2.3 or iOS.)

This is a very interesting new offering, and a surprise that no mention of it was made during the Nokia World keynote.


  • Tim 1484 Points
    Pretty slick web-app. Screen updates are way faster than most map web-apps. But it never found my location and I had to scroll my way out of Germany.
  • Tim, I had the same problem, but then realized I had location services off for Safari (if your using iPhone).
  • Tim 1484 Points
    Probably my case too. I keep location services off for Safari, but on for everything else. No need for some random website to know where I am.
  • Same. I have location services turned off for most stuff.

    I played with it a little, but it seems to lag on the map refresh on 3g, and is horrible on EDGE (I have unlimited data, so I figured I would try it out).

    The download deal is nice, but only has small sections at a time (like 2-3 sq miles), so if your trying to save a large area, not all that helpful, but if your just saving your starting/ending location, it would work. I guess you could go through and download each section and it would put them together.
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