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Nuvi 3490LMT Stuck in GPS Simulator mode

I just received one of the Nuvi 3490LMTs and I can't get it out of the simulator mode. There is a menu where you theoretically can uncheck the box but it won't. What is interesting is even though it says the GPS is off, it will show satellite signal strength and knows my location. I have done every master reset published, reinstalled the unit software, etc. Anyone know how to manually copy the software to the unit? Other Suggestions? Thanks.


  • sussamb 813 Points
    Send it back??
  • popej 57 Points
    Maybe it is working in demo mode?

    Look at developer menu - press and hold speedometer in trip computer for 10 seconds. Now look for item in menu like "Demo mode" and try to turn it off.
  • t923347 432 Points

    The signal strength indicators in simulation mode is also a simulation.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    But he said "it knows my location"... :)
  • sussamb 813 Points
    Yes, and if that's the case something is definitely wrong ... sounds like the best thing is to return it whence it came ... and get another one :)
  • dysert 0 Points
    Maybe it is working in demo mode?

    Look at developer menu - press and hold speedometer in trip computer for 10 seconds. Now look for item in menu like "Demo mode" and try to turn it off.
    It was in the Demo mode. How or why it was there, who knows. Thanks. :D
  • sussamb 813 Points
    Hmmm ... wonder how it knew your location then?

    Ah well, glad it's sorted :)
  • If you want also cut the folders Demo and Tutorials from the memory of your unit and put them on a safe place somewhere in your PC. By this why your nuvi surely won't enter in demo mode again.
  • My new 3490 also got stuck in Demo mode. Called Garmin and after a 40 minute wait, the rep got it out of it. I thought it was stuck in Simulator mode but I was wrong.

    Had me press the Volume icon on the Home screen and then press the upper right corner of the Volume screen. Touched Demo mode choice and then pressed Disable Demo mode. Worked!
  • suefleming 0 Points
    Thank you so much! I was about ready to "demo" the GPS myself! You info was right on the money. Mine is a nuvi 2475; I don't understand why it has to be so difficult to find functions on these things. "Hold down the apps button while tapping your left foot and singing happy birthday backwards"!
  • GuyinCM 0 Points
    My new nuvi 2475 went into catatonic Simulator/ Demo mode while I was just getting acquainted with its menus. I could not find a way out. Could find no explanation.; Nothing in the downloaded Owners Manual, not even a reference in the index. No relevant FAQ on Garmin's website. ("Hmmm --is the NSA involved??")

    Finally I emailed Garmin support (on a weekend) and within two days came the answer (quoting):

    Some Garmin automotive devices have a demo mode. When the demo mode is enabled, the device may display a demonstration video. Additionally, you may be able to use the regular navigation menus but the device will never go out of simulation mode.

    If you've purchased one of the below devices and it is in demo mode, you may disable this mode by simply driving around with the device. To disable demo mode, you must be traveling at least 10 miles per hour for at least 30 seconds.

    If a device is still in demo mode after meeting this criteria, please contact Garmin product support:

    The following devices have demo mode:

    nuvi 2200 series
    nuvi 2300 series
    nuvi 2400 series
    nuvi 3700 series
    nuvi 2405 series
    nuvi 2505 series
    nuvi 3400 series
    nuvi 3500 series
    nuvi 30
    nuvi 40
    nuvi 50
    LIVE 1695
    LIVE 2300 series
    dezl 560
    zumo 350

    Today I put it on the dash, turned it on, and drove a few blocks. VOILA! It became conscious and acted like a real GPS.
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