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Any experience with Brada PG65601 GPS?

Lexx 0 Points

See URL above. The story: yesterday, my wife and I met a very nice RVing couple from Alberta. They needed some directions and we helped them out, and ended up spending a couple of hours with them discussing their travels. They have this BRADA PG65601 GPS unit and while it navigates them ok, it's POI databases seems to be very out of date. I wanted to be able to get them an updated POI set for several places that they always seek, specifically all current Wal-Mart locations in North America (it turns out that Wal-Mart is very friendly to RVers and as a corporate policy allows them to park on their parking lots).

Unfortunately, this BRADA unit seems to be a The Brick (a furniture store chain in Canada) brand and there seems to be zero info about it on the 'net. Any pointers, for example to a PDF user manual or discussions, would be much much appreciated.

If I can figure something out, I can send this couple an email on the road with instructions (they use service, which is also interesting -- it's a device with an acoustic coupler, if anyone is old enough to know what that is, for email exchange anywhere there is a phone; but that's another topic ...)


  • Tim 1484 Points
    I don't know anything about it, sorry.
  • G-Day Lexx

    Hope you can help....I just recived a Brada PG65601 GPS and wasn't given any CD'S with the unit, would you possibley have a copy of the unit software that I could get from you? are could you point me in the right direction on the net where to find it.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  • v7 0 Points

    Just wondering if anyone knows what chipset and software is used in the GPS. I would really like a GPS with a 5.5" Screen, but if it doesn't acquire signal quickly, then it wouldn't be much use.

    I have a feeling it is Destinator 5 software, but am not sure as I haven't seen it in person.

  • Lexx 0 Points
    Flash and v7,

    Sorry, as I might have been apparent in my original post, I don't have this unit, but was trying to figure something out to help new friends on the road. Consider such lack of info and support, one would be hard pressed to recommend this unit for purchase to anyone -- it aiming to be an orphan.
  • hey can anyone help me out i got one of thes gps was giveing to me cuz the person was going to thow it out cuz it didint work and fegure id take it home and all it dos wen you turn it on is it comes up with a messeg saying "LoadInterfaceData Error - ' About' image file not found!" i never had a gps before so i realy dont know much about thes things but looked around and i gess it has windows ce so is ther anyway to reinstal windows on it reboot it or what ever liuke i do with computers its a model pg65601 the make is brada any help to get this thing to even do anything wuld be nice since i had it siting around for 2 years
  • is ther anyway i can get help with this device this is the secend site i tryed and noone even seams to have an answer for me
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Unless you just enjoy tinkering, I wouldn't waste my time trying to resuscitate a 5 year old, orphaned gps unit with old maps and an unidentified software package. Newer basic models with up-to-date maps from a known manufacturer like Tomtom or Garmin can be had for less than a $100, and even the least expensive of them would out-perform the Brada you're struggling with.
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