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Looking for auto-navigation GPS with custom routing.2455LMT?

I am looking for a GPS for my car with these features:

1. Speaks street names
2. Lane Assist
3. Junction View
4. Custom Routes

Let me explain the 4th one. Eg: I want to travel on the Lariat Loop scenic byway. If i enter the via points normal GPS calculates the route for lowest distance/Fastest. But i want to go through the scenic way which may not be either of these.

I am planning to create the routes in BaseCamp and move it to the GPS and use them. I have not done this before, i think it can be done. I am looking for a GPS which supports this.

I could see that 2455 LMT has all the 3 features i listed, but i am not sure about the 4th one. The notes on garmin website are vague.

I have been using a Garmin GPS (255) for last 3 years so i am comfortable with Garmin, but if there are great options in other brands, i am open to them.

Please help?


  • LostAgain 81 Points
    Check out the Nuvi 2450LM. It does what you want and has both a 5" screen and powered mount, neither of which the 2455LMT has. Also, be aware that Traffic and Junction View are often unavailable except when near large metro areas.

    I have been using a Nuvi 750 for several years and have been very happy with it's ability to follow a route that was pre-planned in MS Streets and Trips (and/or Base Camp) and exported to the 750. That is mostly how I use a gps.

    I just ordered the 2450LM for the larger screen and Lane Assist. I'm hoping it functions as well or better than the 750 for navigating and displaying map detail, menu functions, voice clarity, etc. That's the stuff you will never see in Garmin specs and must ferret out from professional or user reviews.

    Another good choice might be the 14XX series, but you give up the powered mount and JV I think.
  • sussamb 813 Points
    You get the JV on the 14xx series but you do lose the powered mount. Routes are better implemented in the 14xx series, but I don't think that will be an issue for the use you descibe :wink:
  • manumaan 0 Points
    I got the 2460 LMT for $199 from Costco. It does support the migration of routes created on basecamp or mapsource to GPS.

    Below is the reply i got from Garmin Support:

    Please let me know which models of Garmin nuvi supports using routes transferred from basecamp/mapsource?

    nuvi 2200, 2300, 2400, 2405, 2505, 3400, 3500, or 3700 series, LIVE 1695, LIVE 2300 series, or a deal device

    nuvi 465, 500, 700, 705, 800, 805, 1400, 1690, or 5000 series, or a zumo
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    That's a good list - I'm going to add it to our FAQ sticky.

    Interesting that they mention the LIVE 2300 series. AFAIK, this is not available in the US.
  • t923347 432 Points
    The Garmin support FAQ posted an updated list of devices that support the transfer of routes from Mapsource and BaseCamp on May 5th:{9bca0be0-5f38-11dd-c66b-000000000000}
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Good find Rick, this list looks right to me. I see that the models which are treated as MTP devices are flagged as not being compatible with Mapsource. This is due to the fact that they don't mount as USB disks and Mapsource can't see them. But this behavior can be changed, as discussed in our FAQ thread on backing up your nuvi.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which automotive Garmin devices have the ability to receive routes transferred from a computer?


    nuvi 295W
    nuvi 465
    nuvi 500 series
    nuvi 700 series
    nuvi 705 series
    nuvi 800 series
    nuvi 805 series
    nuvi 1400 series
    nuvi 1690
    nuvi 2400 series
    nuvi 2405 series*
    nuvi 2505 series*
    nuvi 3400 series*
    nuvi 3500 series*
    nuvi 3700 series (requires a software update)
    nuvi 5000


    LIVE 2300 series


    zumo 220
    zumo 350*
    zumo 400 series
    zumo 500 series
    zumo 660
    zumo 665


    dezl 560


    StreetPilot III (MapSource only)
    StreetPilot 2000 series
    StreetPilot 7000 series


    Quest 2

    *Not compatible with MapSource.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Well you learn something new everyday. Just stumbled on this FAQ at Garmin support{5dd847f0-1228-11dd-dc9c-000000000000}

    And this is the interesting part that I wasn't aware of.... :)
    To learn if your nuvi supports multiple stop routing, please visit the following link and select the check box next to Realtor/Service Calls in the Activity heading in the left hand column of the page:
  • popej 57 Points
    Notice wordings in Garmin text:
    "ability to receive routes transferred from a computer"
    "device that supports multiple stop routing"
    "Realtor/Service Calls: Enter multiple destinations"

    What if I'm interested in multiple VIA routes in device? Not on PC, not stops, not destinations. Well, no new nuvi for me ;)
  • alanb 539 Points
    If you check "Speaks street names" in the selection list, it eliminates all the 2013 models. Guess it is a bug in the site.
  • Landyman 81 Points
    If you check "Speaks street names" in the selection list, it eliminates all the 2013 models. Guess it is a bug in the site.
    Are you sure?

    My first posting here, although a Garmin owner since 1996.

    I'm looking for a new car and motorhome/RV navigating GPSr. Since my 2610 failed after many years of use, I've wasted a lot of money buying GPSrs that should be better than my 2610, but aren't.

    Garmin UK telephone support advised me that the 765T was a 2610 replacement. Clearly he had not used both. I then understood why some folk consider using a GPS unsafe. One reason was that with the 2610 when approaching a junction, the voice announced a number (was it 3?) of distances to the turn as one got closer. This made it easy the hear how close one was to the turn and the pop-up layout window enabled an easy to follow path round a complex junction.

    The 765T replaced the multiple count down distances with street names. Now the only way I would know a street name is if I knew the street, as names are not visible on an approach, only after one has started to turn into the street.

    The pop-up junction layout was also removed, to be replaced by a zooming full screen map. As the map is zooming, any sense of distance is also lost.

    With no MapSource (the maps were pre-installed) all the useful features of MS were also lost. I make many waypoints as I drive and with no mechanical button to press for an accurate fix, I had to touch the screen for a very approximate waypoint. The radio received traffic data never worked.

    So I bought a TomTom designed for truck and motorhome use. It kept routing me under bridges lower that the vehicle height that I had entered. It's maps were poor and it's database for searching was much worse than Garmin's. I found myself using my 76CSx to search and then typing in the lat/long to the TomTom. The 76CSx remained in use for making waypoints on the move.

    I also bought a Snooper but that again has too many problems.

    About a year ago, I bought a Montana 650t and eventually got it to work reasonably OK. Although I discovered an undocumented feature, just before a week long trip, which lost all my settings - that's for another thread!

    After it's purchase, in use I discovered that features on my older Garmins that were not on newer models, were actually on the Montana.

    Like many other folk here, I dislike BaseCamp so still use MapSource wherever possible, only using BC when forced to by Garmin.

    I am now considering the new Garmin Nuvi 3598 LMT-D EU Sat Nav with Free Lifetime Map and super-fast Digital Traffic updates.

    It appears to re-introduce the pop-up junction layout lost from my 2610, so maybe Garmin have been listening to user complaints!

    There is little 'useful' technical information about it available other than 'salesman speak'.

    Anyone here bought one?
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