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.gpx file not readable on Basecamp

stevem5215 0 Points
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Got a question for the software experts on Basecamp. I made a GPX file that displays fine (attached here hopefully) on Google earth. I made it up from a tracklog from my Magellan Crossover. But it was a .log file and I converted it to a GPX file (along with all of the other files I had on a week long trip to North bay in 2009) It (and the others) display fine in Google earth as I said but will not display on BaseCamp and gets a error message when trying to import it. The message is "unknown error opening import file". Am i doing something wrong ? Or is it some kind of BaseCamp problem ?

Thanks for any advice,

file is located here:
note: (to test it to make sure it continued to be a problem I had to do a "save as" a .gpx file cause Firefox wanted to save it as a web page complete or just as a XML file as that's what it appears to be)


  • Seldom 0 Points
    Haven't tried your file, but this happens to me occasionally. If you are using a PC I suggest you get a copy of MapSource, open the GPX in MapSource and save it. I've found that MapSource is more forgiving on the input, and BaseCamp takes the output. If you have a PC and don't have a copy of MapSource, you can download the latest update from Garmin, and install it.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    Try using this little program to convert your file:

    We have an old thread around here where someone else had problems converting a Magellan file for Garmin. This is the program that Garmin support suggested they use.

    FWIW, .gpx files *are* .xml files. :)
  • Oh yeah, I used to use Waypoint+ It was a great conversion program and could do edits of the map data. I used to use it to combine tracks and edit them on the "blank" map with the editor. It was primitive but effective. This one just converts stuff i see. Well, I tried all the formats that Mapsource would accept and also BaseCamp too. What's interesting is that the display shows the same irregularities on both mapping software. One shows lots of trackpoints with numbers associated to them like they were waypoints lol. And another version of it would just show me the waypoints and displays as a route lol. Another one didn't work at all and another was a combination of waypoints and routes and a tracklog jumbled together. So, no luck there. But what is weird with this is I was in North Bay for a few days this year and the track logs from then are quite readable as a converted .gpx file. There must be some kind of file format change from my old GPS and saved files with the original software format and some version change with the new update of it. What brought this whole thing on was that I wanted to overlay the tracks from 09' with the tracks from 12' and see the difference as shown on BaseCamp with a downloaded map dataset for the Ontario area that I downloaded today from someplace that offered map data for Basecamp and the GPS as .img files loaded onto a SD card. I see they offer routeable maps there and I got one of that too for Pa. I do have my 2013 North American maps coming too though on a SD card as I have used up most of my memory with the 100k topos at this time.
    I really like this new GPS. And it's funny how I pulled out the two old ones and started messing with the features of those again. lol I had forgotten how good some of them were but I also found the limitations as well that brought me to getting this one. This one has a much more detailed track log capability with much better satellite reception under tree cover. Both features I really wanted to get a better handle on the map points along with some better printable software mapping for better map accuracy when I print off the E sized plots on my 755CM. Can't wait to try out the Ontario maps this season. That is another thing I never had on the Magellan although they offered map programs for canada I never had good reason to buy them for one use a year (or less).

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