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Motonav 765t touch screen trouble....



  • mahammel 41 Points
    thanks. i just switched the volume to the left side for her. i wish i knew what i pinched to cause this. well, everyone, watch out not to put pressure anywhere near the switches.

    otherwise i have new powers (pun)

    My (too bad 765's don't vibrate) Camel
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    @Camel. Maybe you should be glad it doesn't vibrate or you could be ... The (useless) Camel! :roll:
  • mahammel 41 Points
    how true.

    things happening at work and not all good. may need it.

    looking at k120LT-c (2002) w 26K miles. may buy it. if i'm not working i can tour from friends house to friends house and use their hoses for showers while sleeping in their warm, friendly homes :P
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Go for it! A friend just did 6,961 mi. on a new K1600gtl out to CA and up to Seattle and not a hitch and never wore him out. Very comfortable. Has a Garmin gps built in, not sure which model though. I spied in on his ride via the iPhone app called Find Friends. He sure stopped at a lot of McDonalds on the ride. He likes their coffee.
    Before this month is up I need to get an antique tag for my Aspencade. I'm just not putting any miles on it. It's an '83 and only has 7k on it.
    So, get the Beemer and you can ride up and leech off us anytime. :lol:
  • mahammel 41 Points
    Wow! i've seen a couple of early/mid 80's aspencades on C/L and they looked intersting but i can't do maintanance any longer so just can not trust older bikes (even though this is 10 yrs old).

    the Garmin is 12 years old (i think i read that they are Beemer modified) and the guy hasn't done anything to it so i don't know if i will be able to update it or not. we'll see.

    he's putting new 880's on it and new brakes.

    the only concern i have is what i've read about the 'final drive' which i think is the drive shaft. there're reports on forums of problems and costs of up to $4k. this guy has said he doesnt believe this one's a problem and not to read too much from forums (which makes sense).

    i'd like to mount the 765 but i dont' trust vibration and water. so ain't a gonna do it.

    i have to go th TN Tues/Weds and then to check it out on thursday or friday

    here's the link
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    i'd like to mount the 765 but i dont' trust vibration and water. so ain't a gonna do it.
    What vibration? It's a Beemer! :roll: And they don't have Zip-Lock baggies in GA?

    From what I am seeing the Garmin model on the KL 1200 LT looks to be a Street Pilot III. Not sure if Garmin supports map updates for that any more. It uses City Navigator maps. I have a SP III and maps are on a CF card. It's a decent unit.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    True. so maybe. have to look at mount and all. may be.

    i'm anxious now.

    new tires. front brake. cleaned hazy cloudy display on radio. remounding the cd player (i can always remove it). Been watching final drive videos and if it DOES go, may be able to find someone to help me change it. otherwise. i'm psyched. need to find a couple of helmets. jackets, pants, oh shit. more money!

    may see you soon!

    be well oh spider man

    My (excited)(non-vibrating) Camel!
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    You bought it?

    After looking at the copyright on the SP III screen it appears the owner did keep up with some firmware updates since it shows 2001-2004. It will have a BMW dealer database in it. I see current updates for the current BMW Garmin so it may work with this older one. Pretty sure it is just a poi list.

    Here is a link to the spec sheet.

    Here is the link to the manuals:

    A SP III software archive is here:

    Still need to narrow down last map upgrade available.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    no not yet. turns out there's a guy that wants it from Ohio and i have to get there befrore him :cry:

    i think i'll get it Thursday or friday if all goes well.

    thank you SOOOOO much for the info on the GPS. i'll follow up on it in a couple of days when i get home from TN.

    the company just approved a "sort of" take over so i had to be here at the office in TN for that. can fill you in BC later if i remember what went on :roll:

    am really anxious. too anxious. i make mistakes when i become consumed with something i want. did check with BMW service manager and IF i were to lose the final drive, it would be several hundred to $1500-depending. so i'm not so worried. otherwose it really seems to be a great bike. not a good financial deal (not bad) but market value, but it seems to be a very good looker and worker 8) :lol:

    again thanks spiderman! you da man!

    My (mentally tired) Camel
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    @ The Camel - My wife was just stuck in Atlanta airport for 4 hours when she finally got airborne she waved to you as they flew over your house about 12:30 am. Did you wave back? :roll:
  • mahammel 41 Points
    i thought i posted a reply. i must have dreamed it.

    no, i didn't. i was in TN. but my wife did!

    My (waving) Camel
  • mahammel 41 Points
    okay spideroom! i'm the proud owner of a MINT 2002 K1200LT-E with all the humps and bumps!

    it's been awhile so i'm a little clumsy with it and learning a german designed bike is a bit different than a rice buggy but gesh. i love it!

    26K miles. clean clean clean no blemishes except on the left grip there's a small (2mm) tear in the rubber at the end of the grip. everything works.

    the seller was a wrench and a meticulus one at that. even empressed my wife with his garage and shop. oh. maybe it's because hes a drummer in a local rock band. 44; 3 kids; youngest graduating college. got his head on.

    not a great price but just below market. new tires, fresh inspection/changes, passenger arm and foot rests. the gps is the III and old technology but all the passwords and stuff so i will update it sunday if i can.

    I'm psyched! 48 MPG. that's it for now. going to bed. sore butt. haven't ridden in 3-4 years and am 20 # bigger. small issue of how to get my leg over the saddle :oops: :oops: :(
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Wow! Congrats. I'm jealous. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Have you found the BMW Luxury forums at Good info.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    joined a week ago. need to post my news i guess.

    gps locaton is good. might be a ble to figure out the wiring and make a mount for the 765. wish i had bought one at sears for 80 buckaroos
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Did you check for another TN765? One of our local stores is showing 5 still in stock for $80. Or online with free shipping.

    If you want to get another 765 mount this deal at is for the Motorola TA120 Navigation Pro-Install Kit for $19.99. Or maybe wire it in to the Beemer. I have an order in for one at about $35 and now there is a good price drop. Several of the old forumites ordered one just for sh&%*tz and giggles about 10 days ago. Not sure how it will work out. But good for parts if nothing else. It's coming from UK to IL then to us hopefully one of these days.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    how'd you guys even find that?

    i'm going to order one. i think i have a solution to mounting, modifying the garmin mount but need to get wiring codes before i cut and run. i'm scared!

    oh. that's 22 EUROS=30 bucks

    My (Appliance operator) Camel
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Ours shipped today with a final price to me of $19.59US shipped. Can't beat that, but only maybe 5 left. Now we just have to figure out how to make them work! :shock: :shock:
  • moondog151 41 Points
    @beartraxx33 How have you made out with your original screen problem? Has it kept working, or did you have to replace the screen by now?
  • The screen itself has somehow fixed itself for now!!!??? how? i dunno.
    I am waiting for my second tn765 from florida shipped on the 19th. :wink:
  • moondog151 41 Points
    That`s great! (on both counts...) Glad to hear your "spare" is on the way. Thanks for the update.
  • Got my new nav tn 765, works great. can any one tell me where i can find the cracked .exe to make tele atlas or newer maps work
  • Tim 1502 Points
    Got my new nav tn 765, works great. can any one tell me where i can find the cracked .exe to make tele atlas or newer maps work
    Discussions of stealing maps are prohibited here.
  • yessss.... sorry. forgot!!!
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