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Garmin's new 7" dezl™ 760LMT


Last December when Rich made his 2012 predictions at he said Garmin would introduce a 7" device for truckers. Lucky guess, or?.... ;)

I am not a truck driver, but a 7" Garmin looks pretty cool. At a list price of $400... gee, I paid more than that for my Nuvi 3790! Screen resolution is 800x480 though, which is the same as the 4.3" 3790.

I wish they would take this same hardware and put something similar to the Montana software on it. :)
The dēzl 760LMT is the navigator with a big 7” screen designed specifically to make a trucker’s life easier. Not only can it guide you along a route customized for your truck and trailer, it helps ensure you’re in the proper lane with Active Lane Guidance. It also helps with IFTA and HOS logging. It also shows you exit services ahead, along with trucking points of interest (POIs). When you trust dēzl 760LMT to create a route for you, you’ll know it’s a good route for both you and your rig.

Track and Report Your Trips

The dēzl 760LMT makes logging and retaining trip information easy. You record fuel usage, and the 760LMT automatically records state mileage for IFTA fuel logging. Log your hours of service and driving status, and the 760LMT tracks your hours and automatically warns you of HOS violations. Conveniently export all logs for improved reporting and tracking of each trip.

See More

With a large 7" high-resolution touchscreen display, dēzl 760LMT allows you to see tons of information in great detail. Clearly follow the highlighted truck-friendly route, view truck warnings, notifications and alerts. And only a dēzl 760LMT includes exclusive Garmin Active Lane Guidance (ALG). ALG shows you constantly updated animation of the preferred lane to be in. It also includes photoReal junction view, which provides photo-realistic views of upcoming junctions to guide you to the right lane at the right time. All of which are especially helpful when navigating complex highway interchanges in unfamiliar metros.

Navigate with Confidence

With detailed maps and turn-by-turn directions that speak street names loud and clear through the speaker, dēzl 760LMT provides specialized routing¹ to support truck-related restrictions in both the U.S. and Canada (customizable by height, weight, length, width and hazardous materials). Simply enter dimensions and load restrictions, and dēzl 760LMT guides you according to your requirements on a route that fits your load. The onboard Trip Planner lets you create multiple-stop routes and plan and save future trips. And, you can operate dēzl 760LMT with voice-activated navigation. It’s so easy, you just talk to it!

NOTE: Always defer to all posted road signs and road conditions.

Drive Safe

dēzl 760LMT keeps you informed of upcoming road conditions, such as sharp curves, bridge heights, weight limits, high wind areas and restrictions, including no trailer or hazardous materials. A grade data field that appears on the map enables drivers to anticipate descents and ascents and shift accordingly. Trucking speed limits appear if they are different than the posted automotive speed limit. It also provides mile marker information. Plus its clock automatically changes time zones and provides sunrise/sunset times. You also receive notifications when crossing state or country borders. For added peace of mind, there also is a video input for backup camera compatibility.

Locate Trucking Service Areas and POIs

dēzl 760LMT has truck-specific POIs to let you search roadway exits for truck stops, food, lodging, rest areas, service locations, tire repair and weigh stations. Truck stop information includes a list of services offered, such as WiFi, showers and truck scales. And enhanced exit services let you know what services are available at upcoming exits along your route.

Includes Lifetime Map Updates

Right out of the box, the dēzl 760LMT comes bundled with nüMaps Lifetime™. Which means you can download the newest map data when it becomes available — no monthly fees or maintenance costs — for the lifetime of your device².

Includes Lifetime Traffic

A combination power cable/traffic receiver in the box gives you traffic services for the life of your device. You’ll avoid traffic jams and keep moving when your dēzl 760LMT alerts you and offers detours. No additional purchases are necessary — it’s 100 percent subscription-free traffic³.

Smartphone Link Compatible

Smartphone Link makes your smartphone the best thing next to your dēzl 760LMT. It’s an application available from Google Play. Smartphone Link creates a seamless navigation experience between your dēzl 760LMT truck navigator and an Android smartphone. It allows the devices to share information, such as saved and recently found locations, where you parked and your current destination. It also links your compatible dēzl to Garmin Live Services4, such as weather and fuel prices using your smartphone’s current mobile data plan. There’s no need for an additional data connection5.

For example, a subscription to Garmin Live Services Advanced Weather allows you to receive severe weather alerts and view animated radar images on the dēzl.

Make Hands-free Calls

For hands-free calling, dēzl 760LMT integrates Bluetooth® wireless technology with a built-in microphone and speaker. Just pair it with your compatible Bluetooth phone and talk hands-free through the 760LMT while staying focused on the road. Simply dial numbers with the dēzl touchscreen keypad to make a call. To answer calls, just tap the screen and speak into its built-in microphone. Enjoy convenient one-touch dialing for contacts and POIs.


  • t923347 432 Points
    Interesting that the specs show that this new model will hold 1000 waypoints and 15 ROUTES. All the newer Nuvi's can handle 100 routes and, of course, they really handle NO routes but maybe 100 Trips. I wonder if the 15 means that Garmin has gone back to the original route handling like in the older Nuvi's and done away with Trip Planner on this model. Although the older dezl also show 15 route support, so who knows. :?:
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    I wonder if the 15 means that Garmin has gone back to the original route handling like in the older Nuvi's and done away with Trip Planner on this model.
    Good catch. I am guessing that this unit might be "trip planner free". :) For example, click on the specs tab for the Nuvi 2595 here and scroll to the bottom of the page:

    Notice that it says

    Trip Planner: yes
    There is no mention of the Trip Planner at the bottom of the dezl specs. But we may need to wait for the manual to be sure...
  • willyboy 68 Points
    I just received an email from Garmin for a promotion of the Dezl 760LMT and the Zumo 350LM. The email was titled "New Products for Smarter Driving‏" and displayed a fall 2012 date.

    It appears the new DEZL does have Trip Planner according to Garmin.

    "Customized Truck Routing
    GPS for trucks means dēzl is preloaded with detailed maps of the U.S. and Canada that include truck restrictions and related information for most major roads and highways. Input the specs of your rig and load – such as height, weight, length, width and hazardous materials. dēzl matches your profile with a route selected to save time, fuel and money.
    With the onboard Trip Planner, create routes with multiple stops to drive now or save for the future. dēzl guides you with clearly spoken turn-by-turn directions."

    It's in the features tab under Customized Truck Routing.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    This gets very confusing. :? The new Zumo also references the trip planner, but somewhere I read a post saying that it uses "classic" routes instead....
  • willyboy 68 Points
    This gets very confusing. :?
    And perchance if you call Garmin twice you'll get two different answers, one with Trip Planner the other without.

    There is no manual available yet so can't check there.
  • Besides the fact that it's trucker friendly, one of the biggest things I look for is to see what features of this GPS will be carried over to the future line in 2013.

    I say this because one big feature that carried over from the previous dezl series to the current Nuvi line was the Exit Services feature. I sense that the animated advanced exit guidance will be one feature to look for in the next line. I also would think that the speed reduction warning would also carry over as well, though that would mean that Garmin/Navteq would need to be more accurate with their speed limits with every map update.

    As always, time will tell.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    It appears that Garmin has also introduced a 7" device in Japan - the Nuvi 2790. Lots of screenshots here - and a few laughs from the translation as well. :lol:
    I can enjoy the stereo sound of the crash by the adoption of the FM transmitter!

  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Note: I have started a separate thread to discuss the new 7" Japanese Nuvi 2790.
  • truckinguy 115 Points
    I just got the Dezl 760 last week and put on about 700 miles on it. These were combined highway and city.
    The trip planner is similar to other Nuvi's. Same as my 2460LMT. Maybe they cut the routes down to allow for other software/hardware combo's like this new Active Lane Guidance. Not sure if I like it. It didn't come on all that much. The split screen with Exit photo's still comes on as well.
    If functioned well with no crashes or major issues. One issue I had was when I went to use Mapsource and it wouldn't recognize the Dezl. My Win 7 Pc had no trouble. Going into the hidden menu's and changing it to work in Mass Storage mode fixed that.
    I use Automobile Mode as I don't have a large RV or Truck. I did read when used in RV mode it will route you around a different route then Auto.
    The "Real Voice" Samantha had a real tin type sound. I Didn't like that.
    This unit seems similar to a lot of Nuvi's. I do like the Buttons on the main map menu and the dashboards with data choices. The 2797 doesn't have these 2 options. The short cut's one can make are limited to were you can "short cut" too. The Montana has many more choices and options for making short cut's. Like the poster said above.. Put more Montana menu choices into Nuvi's.
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